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Once More a ‘Patriot’: A Veteran’s Call To Teach

Noise. Throbbing noise. It wasn’t just the volume though. It was as if I’d been locked in a broom closet with gigantic concert speakers blaring away with far too much bass. It pulsed and my whole body absorbed the sound in relentless waves. When I walked into the Thomas Jefferson Middle School gymnasium for my first day as a teacher there, I was met by nearly 1,000 pubescent voices competing against one another to see which could be loudest. It felt like a tsunami was about to make landfall right on top of me. Two young boys ran toward me at a... Read More



Editor’s Note
Aaron Yarmuth

New Governor’s To-Do List

Gov.-Elect Beshear, congratulations on a tremendous victory and, on a personal note, I expect to...
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The Covington Kids’ Lawsuit Highlights How Legal Tantrums Can Cost You In Kentucky

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Wanker Brits Lob Last Bombs In Final Column

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National Politics Taint Local Races And Lay Waste To Societal Norms

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