Rep. Massie’s Latest Stunt Is Boycotting D.C. Restaurants Over A Vaccine Mandate

Unsurprisingly, Rep. Thomas Massie isn’t happy about Washington D.C.’s new mandate, which requires people to provide proof of vaccination at restaurants, bars and gyms.

On Friday, the Kentucky Congressman, who has been perpetually critical about mandates and guidelines, said that he plans to boycott D.C. restaurants (which, of course, are not responsible for making the mandates). 

“The DC vaccine mandate kicks in this weekend,” he tweeted. “My office will not comply. We will not show papers. We will not order takeout from restaurants that require papers for dine in. We will get our food from Virginia or we will bring it to work. Shame has befallen our nation’s capital.

Last August, Massie — who is extremely outspoken on Twitter — published and deleted a post comparing having to provide proof of vaccination to enter a restaurant to the Holocaust. He also made waves online recently for tweeting out a picture of his family’s Christmas card, which features all seven members holding guns, posted days after a school shooting in Michigan.

Fellow Kentucky Congressman (and LEO’s founder) John Yarmuth quote tweeted and mocked Massie’s boycott post. 

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