Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10

Art: Exhibit honors ‘dean of Louisville’s African-American artists’

One of the world’s best traditions, both past and present, is to celebrate those who have gone before us. Such is the case with the exhibition “Selected Works of G.C.


Art: Shock and numb

21c exhibits spark empathy, distress and discussion

Eleven years, nine months and three days. That’s how long the United States has been at war, ever since George W. Bush declared a war on terror in October 2001.


Art: I spy a new sculpture on campus

Stroll through the grounds of U of L for a fresh public art sighting — Russell Vogt’s ‘Red Reeds’

Last week, walking through the University of Louisville’s Belknap campus, I noticed a Russell Vogt sculpture southeast of the library.


Art: Public art in focus

New Albany's Bicentennial Series

In 2009, when New Albany began a multi-year public art project to celebrate its bicentennial four years later, it was hard to know what to expect.


Art: Louisville’s eleven

Zephyr Gallery presents 11 of our finest local artists

If you are looking to become more familiar with local artists, the group show “RHQRDWBWTHR” at Zephyr Gallery is a great place to start.


Art: So many exhibits, so little time

Land of Tomorrow offers up ‘Seven Exhibitions’ by local and regional artists

“Seven Exhibitions” is now on view at Land of Tomorrow gallery, and I’ve only got 700 words.


Art: Racing art

A Derby roundup

The Kentucky Derby is surrounded by tradition, so much so that many festivities repeat year after year.


Art: How long gone

Photo exhibit shows a glimpse of Kentucky between 1935 and 1943

A good photograph can stand the test of time.


Art: The intersection of art and radio

ART+FM debuts its 24/7 programming

By definition, visual art is creativity that is seen. But some visual artists make work that is heard and not seen. Confused yet?


Art: When community and art collide

Smoketown Social Club hits the streets for positive change

When I went to meet artist-in-residence C. Ryan Patterson at St.