Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10

Art: Visions of peace from around the world

Peace Postcards at Ali Center

It all started around Christmas 2008, when Louisville attorney, peace activist and art collector Allan Weiss founded Peace Postcards.


Art: Neon show not so spectacular

I arrived at the “Ne10: Louisville” show at the Water Tower Saturday as hopeful as a person going on a date with someone they had met on the Internet.

Glass30: Four Weeks of Fire Exhibitions

Carnegie Center for Art & History

201 E. Spring St., New Albany


Louisville has GAS

Landing the Glass Art Society Conference is a major feat

The next time you think Louisville’s slogan of “Possibility City” is getting a little stale, remember that it’s actually true.


Visual arts: Past, present and future

A look at the Louisville art scene from an insider

I was asked by LEO to reflect on the last 20 years of the Louisville visual arts scene. I imagine I was invited to this task because I was a part of this history as both witness and participant.


Capturing the famous

Yousuf Karsh’s infamous photographs at the Speed

While I am an art historian by trade, I’m a film historian by design.


Art: Bubble gum or local art?

Put your quarters in a Vend-A-Pin!

It’s springtime, and in addition to daffodils, a new crop of Vend-A-Pin! machines have been popping up all over town.


Art: Horse crazy

A Derby roundup

Giddy up, folks. It’s that time of year when we can’t seem to get enough of all things Derby.


Art: A portrait of endless interpretations

Daniel Pfalzgraf gathers Louisville’s top artists for his premiere exhibit

Daniel Pfalzgraf had a good idea (I’m sure he’s had plenty, but we’re only going to talk about this one): a portrait exhibition with local “all-star” artists.


Art: Off Broadway, on Frankfort

Spot 5 makes space for emerging artists

If you’re in search of emerging artists or art in Louisville, look no further than Spot 5 gallery.