Art: Dick Starr

Less of a dick, more of a star

The disclaimer on artist Dick Starr’s website reads: “The art work on this website contains nudity, blood, gore, sex and violence.


Art: A horse off-course

Elena Dorfman shoots horses

Horses are ubiquitous around here. You can’t avoid them — even if you live downtown, you might see one trotting past, pulling a carriage or carrying a police officer.


Art: Building a mystery

Gena Neumann’s art comes with secret messages

There is something to be said for artists who set up labyrinths for the mind to wander in, and then have the compassion to come along after a while and show you the exits.


A&E Guide: Art outside the lines

Carlos Gamez de Francisco finds solace in the canvas

Carlos Gamez de Francisco has had a lifelong preoccupation with his craft.


A&E Guide: Preserving a passion

Preservation Louisville fights to keep Louisville weird

This is a David and Goliath story, or, to be more precise, Goliaths.


A&E Guide: More than a pretty picture

Bryce Hudson experiments with ‘Presentation’

Growing up, Bryce Hudson’s identity was questioned on a regular basis. The summer sun would flush his hair of any darkness while his skin took a golden brown tone.


A&E Guide: One man’s trash is this woman’s treasure

Leticia Bajuyo thinks outside the frame

Plastic bottles, hula-hoops, discarded CDs. For most, these are not objects of beauty. They don’t trigger profound thought.


A&E Guide: Won’t you be my neighbor?

Kentucky School of Art partners with Spalding University

As I’m walking through the new Kentucky School of Art (KSA) space in Spalding University, I realize this is the physical manifestation of a dream come true.


Art: The devil made him do it

Erik Underwood depicts religious figures in everyday scenarios

Most people might scoff at being called an agnostic, pessimistic hoarder, but artist Erik Underwood revels in it.


Art: Rediscovering wet plate photography

Artists use old technique in new exhibit

Wet plate photography — sounds messy, doesn’t it?