A&E Guide: Won’t you be my neighbor?

Kentucky School of Art partners with Spalding University

As I’m walking through the new Kentucky School of Art (KSA) space in Spalding University, I realize this is the physical manifestation of a dream come true.


A&E Guide: Art outside the lines

Carlos Gamez de Francisco finds solace in the canvas

Carlos Gamez de Francisco has had a lifelong preoccupation with his craft.


A&E Guide: Preserving a passion

Preservation Louisville fights to keep Louisville weird

This is a David and Goliath story, or, to be more precise, Goliaths.


A&E Guide: More than a pretty picture

Bryce Hudson experiments with ‘Presentation’

Growing up, Bryce Hudson’s identity was questioned on a regular basis. The summer sun would flush his hair of any darkness while his skin took a golden brown tone.


Art: The devil made him do it

Erik Underwood depicts religious figures in everyday scenarios

Most people might scoff at being called an agnostic, pessimistic hoarder, but artist Erik Underwood revels in it.


Art: Rediscovering wet plate photography

Artists use old technique in new exhibit

Wet plate photography — sounds messy, doesn’t it?


Art: Delightful disarray

Photographer Simen Johan discusses his fantastical images

I obviously don’t watch enough Animal Planet. I didn’t question why a pair of moose and a swarm of tropical budgerigars were in the same photograph.


‘Painting blind’

Artist Casey Roberts creates intricate landscapes with delicate process of cyanotype

Casey Roberts is a man consumed by wilderness.


Stranger than fiction

Robin Wallace unearths bizarre photos from the Filson Photography Collection

Time and again, it has been proclaimed that once the real truth is found, it often is stranger than fiction.


Art: ‘Myths’ of Warhol

The Speed showcases the work of Pop Art’s most famous artist

Pop Art is art ready-made for you. No need to study up on people long dead or view obscure historical scenes. You already know the subjects, be they movie stars, advertising or food.