Art: Wherefore art thou horses and hats?

A roundup of Derby-related exhibits

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink bourbon.


Art: Carnegie pays tribute to women sculptors

Imagine a white room full of objects arranged as reverently as monuments in a gothic cemetery: A metal pole as tall as a person holding an armload of glass orbs like a cluster of suspended po


Fake Issue: ‘Impressionist Landscapes’ exhibit is a blurry, sloppy mess

“Landscape is nothing but an impression,” said Claude Monet, “and an instantaneous one.”


Art: Slugger Museum playing the field with Rockwell exhibit

The Louisville Slugger Museum has always been primarily about baseball, but the “Norman Rockwell: Sports” exhibit, which opens Saturday, takes the Louisville mainstay a step furth


Art: Cuba bound

Carlos Gamez de Francisco shows off his collection

Cuba is a country that’s quite foreign to most of us. That’s not our fault; blame decades of communist rule and the embargo.


Art: Keepers of Kentucky heritage

KMAC shows off our best artists and collections

Did you know that owning three of the same thing qualifies as a collection? Knowledge like that makes the dust-bunnies in my house look more appealing.


Art: First Impressions

Speed Museum presents ‘Impressionist Landscapes’

“Landscape is nothing but an impression,” said Claude Monet, “and an instantaneous one …”


Art: No boundaries

Art has been Bill Fischer’s passion for 92 years

If age can be a state of mind, then artist William L. Fischer is younger than most of us.


Culture: ‘Star Trek’ exhibit proves sci-fi is more than fiction

New exhibit opens at Science Center

Sunday mornings were always times of hope when I was growing up — hope that my parents wouldn’t feel like going to church so that I could watch 


Art: In context

Patrick Smith explores contrast in ‘119 Rodgers Street’

Recently, Mentos introduced new packaging for their fruit-flavored chews — one that allows you to see from the outside that inside are two of each flavor.