Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10

Art: First Impressions

Speed Museum presents ‘Impressionist Landscapes’

“Landscape is nothing but an impression,” said Claude Monet, “and an instantaneous one …”


Culture: ‘Star Trek’ exhibit proves sci-fi is more than fiction

New exhibit opens at Science Center

Sunday mornings were always times of hope when I was growing up — hope that my parents wouldn’t feel like going to church so that I could watch 


Art: In context

Patrick Smith explores contrast in ‘119 Rodgers Street’

Recently, Mentos introduced new packaging for their fruit-flavored chews — one that allows you to see from the outside that inside are two of each flavor.


Art: No boundaries

Art has been Bill Fischer’s passion for 92 years

If age can be a state of mind, then artist William L. Fischer is younger than most of us.


Art: The shape of things

Speed exhibit examines design of the 20th century

Architect Mies van der Rohe’s trademark philosophy was “less is more.” That contradictory statement summed up the thinking in design during the 20th cen


Art: In memoriam

Antonio Perez and Stephen Irwin

It’s hard to say goodbye, especially when it’s premature.


Art: Art to the people

‘Creative Rising’ targets the Phoenix Hill neighborhood

Public art is exactly what it sounds like — art for the public. You get the chance to engage with visual art as you go about your daily business.


Art: Uncovering secrets of the everyday

Mary Phelan’s paintings offer a fresh look at urban landscapes

It comes as no surprise that 2002 National Poet Laureate Billy Collins, known for his warm, accessible, finely crafted poems, is a fan of Mary Phelan’s paintings.


Art: Trash man

Tom Pfannerstill transforms art into trash

By now you may know I have a passion for trompe l’oeil, as I often proclaim its virtues.


Art: Keep it local

A roundup of holiday art shows

’Tis the season. In keeping with the holiday spirit, here are some artistic local events to entice your creative gift-giving self.