Art: A trip down America’s accidental highway

Carnegie Center features '20/20 Vision' by Jan Albers and Karen Titus

The Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany is a quietly elegant building.


Art: Luring the locals

KMAC looks for ways to attract Louisville natives

Want to know how to spot a tourist (or maybe a local taking the day off with out-of-town relatives in tow)?


Art: The greatest celebrity

Exhibit showcases Ali with the rich and famous

On the dimly lit fourth floor of the Muhammad Ali Center, just past the “Hopes and Dreams” wall and near the end of the “Global Voices” walkway, is a word painted in bold wh




Street lights illuminating Third and Market. A paint-splattered artist in his studio.


Art: Full circle

Tim Lowly and Matt Ballou bring reflection to The 930

Much like the strict syllabic discipline adhered to by Haiku poets, artists Tim Lowly and Matt Ballou have devoted themselves to the use of “tondos,” or circular formats


Art: Leonardo of all trades

Frazier History Museum honors Da Vinci’s other passions

I blame the bestselling novel by Dan Brown and its blockbuster movie adaptation, “The Da Vinci Code,” for a number of misconceptions about Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).


Art: Art and the outlaw

Caravaggio was an original bad-boy artist

Aficionados love to gossip about artists’ bad behavior over plastic cups of wine.


Art: Bravery, beauty depicted in ‘Women and War’

Ann Stewart Anderson’s “Women and War” opens with the diptych “Remains 1” and “Remains 2,” mirror images that show an anonymous ancient Greek woman s


Art: The secret country

Exhibit puts rural culture on display

By the time Derby is over, most of us are pretty tired of having to explain ourselves to outsiders.


Art: Haunted by the art

Michelle Amos and Todd C. Smith collaborate for Zephyr Gallery exhibit

Even before Michelle Amos opened up her new installation at Zephyr Gallery, people were trying to get in.