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Jan 6, 2016 at 3:20 pm
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While Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin takes Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis for a walk Kentucky Poet Ron Whitehead chases them with The Storm!

cause rebuilding Noah’s ark ain’t gonna save us now with the election of millionaire Creationist Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and with Donald Trump leading the vicious pack of Republicans running for President of the USA things are only gonna get worse cause rebuilding Noah’s ark ain’t gonna save us now

is it too late for those who care about the poor who care about those who can’t care for themselves the elderly children the sick the disabled the homeless the unemployed the uninsured the working poor is it too late for us to stop this avalanche of fundamentalist unChristian fear and control based hate whether it’s too late or not i pledge allegiance to doing all i can to helping those who can’t help themselves i pledge allegiance to resurrection of the heart and i’m glad i’m not alone —Ron Whitehead, Jan. 4

Art by Gonzo Today Art Director Joey Feldman (Los Angeles). Joey will be participating in GonzoFest Louisville 2016.