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May 10, 2017 at 10:58 am
Your Voice

on Gov. matt Bevin ignores reporters who are critical

Thank you to LEO for printing the article by Al Cross and for Al’s hard questions to the Bevinator and his communications director. Mini Trump, aka KYrump, is clearly afraid of the hard questions that come with press conferences. If I behaved as he does, I’d at least be enough of a man to face the questions. Call me old school, but message control via Twitter and other social media simply does not cut it for me. In one election cycle, we have regressed more than I ever thought possible, and it is embarrassing! —Joel Latto

on editor’s note: ricky jones’ bias makes him the best choice

Of course Professor Jones should be on that committee. It should include reps from many areas, ethnicities and beliefs... —Linda K Satterlee

on thorns and roses: dr. bevin says pain is good

... My pain zone is like five. I can live with that. What about a child Mr. Bevin? They don’t know about pain, per se, so are they supposed to man up? Could you stand to see one of your children in pain? Please think before you speak, Mr. Bevin. —Melissa Stokes Mahlstede

on two brits in the lou: ky medicaid becomes ‘the hunger games’

Part of the problem is that nobody but horrific opportunists seem to be interested in running for office. Not to knock [former state Attorney General] Jack Conway’s work on making big pharma accountable for what they did to Eastern Kentucky, but he was about as exciting of a candidate as a wet paper bag. I really hope that changes in the next cycle, but I’m not holding my breath. —Adam Rains

on why we ride: river road is for people

Then, stay in bike lanes or single file, instead of blocking traffic.

—Joseph Marsh

We are traffic.  —John Mahorney

And when you disobey traffic laws, you need to be ticketed, which I’ve yet to see. I’m sure there are a few. Not enough.

When the dimwits ride three and four abreast 20-or-more mph below the speed limit, you are a problem. —Joseph Marsh