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Jul 15, 2015 at 2:32 pm
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FACEBOOK: In RESPONSE TO “‘trumping’ prejudice”

Except that the [Republican] party is doing nothing to separate itself from [Trump] or his statements, and he’s damn near at the top of the polls. He may be the id of the GOP, but they own him. — Rob Codey, July 8

TWITTER: Cranking out the JAMs

Shoutout to @leoweekly for an awesome playlist of every @PoorcastleFest band. — Parasitic Noise @parasiticnoise, July 7

LETTER: In response to “An Unlikely BLT experience”


In my life, I have witnessed many of our generation’s events that have shaped our world, for better or worse. The killings of President Kennedy and Dr. King. The tragedy of September 11 and watching the precious gulf being filled with oil by the criminals of British Petroleum and yes, Christian Laettner and his satanic magic. But I have yet to be more sickened than today after reading in your disgusting leftist rag “An unlikely BLT experience.”

The trained chimp, Kevin Gibson, that somehow typed out this shocking porn about a superb BLT in of all places a Dairy Mart in Jeffersonville, Indiana, was revolting, an outrage to all who have ever been forced to go to Jeffersonville, Indiana and an affront to the genteel people who only wish to have a decent lunch. What is next, the best pork rinds in Scottsville?

Gibson’s drooling description of greasy fingers from mayo and bacon grease slopping all over him, his disgusting knuckle dragging reference to a Dairy Mart waitress and his lust for his Dairy Mart “salty, smoky meat” was vile and sickening. This Yarmuth, you punk, is an outrage and maddening. Imagine the stunned silence in the Kentucky Country Day lunchroom as the innocent students read this horror. None will ever be the same.

At this very moment, I am petitioning the state department to have the monster Gibson thrown into a Mexican prison or taken to the backside of Churchill Downs and horsewhipped within an inch of his life. As America swirls down the toilet, LEO has its hands on the lever. — Matthew C. Ingram, Louisville

INSTAGRAM: Instagram contest winner

Congratulations Mister Muerte for winning our #LEO4Forecastle contest. Enjoy those free tickets to the big show!

Hmm, I might have to check out this Cold 40 art show. @leoweekly@forecastlefest #leo4forecastle #Eccentric #Leo #LeoWeekly#Forecastle #ForecastleFest #ForecastleFestival #Seidenfadens#ACold40 #Reading #TheReadingRoom #Library #Bear #Mascot#MascotLife #ShutTheDoor — Mister Muerte @mistermuerte