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May 4, 2016 at 9:47 am
Your Voice

on “Bevin is stealing from our children and grandchildren”

Aaron, as usual you are so far off base, it’s not even funny ... You think [universities] can’t find some fat to trim without raising tuition? Your dad and the other liberal tax-and-spend congressmen are the ones robbing not only our kids and grandkids, but also our seniors, poor and people on fixed incomes, because they keep increasing our national debt. Increasing our debt causes out of control inflation which hurts those people the most. You and your dad both need to take an Economics 101 course so you have a clue as to what is going on. —Dick Wood

Public universities are flush with cash. Also, college isn’t for everyone. This is something out of nothing. —Justin Larkin

Bevin, Kickin’ those who haven’t even started yet. KY gettin’ what they voted for. —Robert Vetter

Gov. Bevin is following the Republican philosophy as best he can. That is, do the greatest harm to the greatest number of people as possible. That is the primary essence of the Republican philosophy. — David Dunn

on “always smash the picture”

Beautiful article. Thank you for helping us to heal during this time of loss. He was my musical icon — started listening to him when I was 7 years old back in 1979 and saw him on “American Bandstand.” He truly was the soundtrack to the lives of so many, particularly this fan. We are just lucky to have been in his presence — and that concert in Louisville last year — I was there. Glad I was just there to see him one last time in person.

—Rosemary Cundiff-Brown

on “I owe Monica Lewinsky an apology”

Wow, so after 20 years you are sorry for Monica. That is so touching and reflective of your liberal hypocrisy. Are you sorry for all the other women Billy boy chewed up and spit out? You must be feeling a bit of guilt or something. How do you feel about Hillary’s role in demonizing the poor women who were his victims? Hillary Clinton is about as out of touch as a human can be, and she is your only hope. Hearing her talk about the war on women is kind of pathetic. She will be the nominee if she doesn’t go to jail. Oh wait, she is a Clinton. She has a free pass from the hypocritical left and our lapdog media. Maybe you will figure it out in 20 more years Holly. —Parker Stodghill

on “review: mexA steak tacos”

First, Monterrey is indeed “a fair-size Mexican city,” if you call fair sized 4 million. Spent most of my life in Louisville, now live in Mexico. I have spent much time in Monterrey. The Monterrey residents aren’t nearly as “gaga over beef “ as some in Mexico. The local favorite is cabrito, baby goat, which I doubt would be a hit in Louisville. They do have excellent beef but usually in the form of great steaks at numerous Argentine restaurants. Reading the prices, the owner must be shocked at what the locals will pay for a taco! —Robert Martin, Mérida, Mexico


Due to a reporter’s error, a review in the April 27 issue misidentified Softcheque’s Alan Holsinger.