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Mar 8, 2017 at 9:50 am
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on louisville fc, build it, or they may leave

If it’s such a good idea, Louisville City FC can go get a loan and build it themselves.  —John Whitney Jr.

Amen.  — Lisa Ellen Phillips

Lots of cities’ sports share a stadium for a couple of years. The Dallas Stars and Mavericks shared Reunion Arena until the Stars built their own.  — Alexis McDonald

Hope they build a stadium in [Southern Indiana]!  — Edward Parish

Real estate is cheaper here in New Albany.  —Randy Hofer

Could they move to the old Redbird’s stadium?  —Syd Bishop

Doesn’t match [Major League Soccer] requirements. Isn’t walkable from local restaurants. That’s where a team would go to die even with a new stadium.  —Jason Stucker

on editor’s note: oh, gov. bevin — tax cuts killed kansas

He’s reckless. Another salesman. KY is his guinea pig. —Cynthia Crawford

Loved the article....Bevin scares me to death!!! He’s trying to destroy Louisville and all of KY.  —Donald Hall

Maybe KY folks should get out their vote next election.  —Bill Fowler

on can louisville secede from kentucky?

The only thing the state of KY respects about Louisville is the tremendous surplus of tax revenue sent to Frankfort. Given the insane number of counties, it’s taxation with virtually no representation. The voices of those Kentuckians with the lowest education levels and contribution to State coffers are amplified to such a degree that KY can barely be considered a democracy. —Stu Noland

Kinda missing the angle here. Seceding from Kentucky to join another state is not possible. That said, Louisville, Lexington and a few other counties petitioning for statehood ourselves would be legal and might even succeed. —Tim Druck

Not likely. Washington state has been trying for about 20 years due to the fact that Western Washington is liberal and Eastern Washington is conservative. All that can be done is your state legislature can pass a bill asking the feds to do it. The U.S. Congress is the only body with the power to admit states to or from the Union. —Scott LeMire

I wouldn’t mind getting out from under the “redneck” label just as long as we get to keep the Kentucky Wildcats as our team! —George Lundy

Wanting the city to secede because we don’t like the rest of the state is not very far from wanting to keep Muslims out of the country because they’re different from us. —William K. Blevins