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May 31, 2017 at 10:52 am
Your Voice

on: U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth Dead children, city gun violence and Trump’s grave danger to us all

Murders and shootings don’t come out of thin air. They come from longstanding institutional racism and public attitudes that result in an utter lack of hope in some young folks, so that when they reach a particular age, they have lost the perspective that values the life of others. I also did not vote for [Donald] Trump, but Trump didn’t start this fire, by a long shot. — Steve Magruder

Well, for one thing, they were attempting to limit access to guns. No guns, no dead children. Get it? Maybe Trump didn’t start this fire, but he is doing everything in his power to fan the flames and make it much worse. — Jackie Ennis

I had hoped we would start to find ways to solve some of these issues until we got to November 2016. Now, I feel like we have taken several steps back and all we got was another attempt by these charlatans to keep us occupied with their shenanigans. I want a leader with clear goals, clear thinking and compassion. I feel cheated. I had hoped we would find a way to curb the violence, and it’s only been exacerbated and framed by racial and gendered hatred. So sad to have to live through these times.

—Tami Harbolt

on: kyle meredith — Say Hello To Heaven, the death of Chris Cornell

Beautiful article. It really is hard to describe to someone the experience of discovering Chris Cornell when we were young, but you did a spot on job. I consider him my John Lennon, and he will be sorely missed. — Ricky Payne

on: casey shepherd isolation, the movement killer

...I’m interested in loneliness and social isolation because I’m advocating for people to live with others ... So interesting what you are thinking about the role of church. Yes, I started going to church (again) because I wanted more community. And it worked! ... — Annamarie Pluhar

on: undercover

We are fully aware of the profound ignorance of the average Kentuckian. They hate gubmint handouts and the cities, while, in reality, they are financially dependent on the federal government and Louisville. Reality is irrelevant to these people.

—Stu Noland

Yes — Build a wall. —Michael Parlier