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Aug 17, 2016 at 10:32 am
Your Voice

on portraits of artists in transition:

I needed this article. I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis earlier this year, after having complications from symptoms over the past year ... My photography really helped to pull me out of that funk and strengthened my resolve to deal with my condition. ? — Kevin Spalding

These folks are an inspiration. One never knows what bitter challenges will have to be met, but everyone will have to deal with difficulties sometime in their life. These artists give us hope to keep things bright. — Tricia Langley

... As someone who has endured two shoulder replacements, two double-knee replacements and major spine surgery in the past nine years, I can fully relate to everything my friends profiled here are going through. Making art under these circumstances is a willful and deliberate decision, but not making art can feel like a path to slow, involuntary suicide. Thank you for pointing out the tenacity of such challenges. — Susan Gorsen

On The Connection’s Last Dance

Awesome article about the end of one era, and the beginning of another. Thanks for covering it. — Russ Lemons

on editor’s note: big block of cheese and cats:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking up for the compassionate, and, hopefully soon, no-kill cause of our local shelter. I don’t know why the dynamic director left, but she did great things like Barkitecture, and made sure adoptable animals were available at every fair festival and event ... — Debra Richards Harlan

On erica rucker: let me take off my earrings

Erica is spot on. Hairdos have nothing to do with education, traditional education or contemporary ... How about [pay] attention to actual teaching and doing something that would actually get the kids engaged in their own future ... — Sharon Ramick

on two brits in the lou: butler high school’s redneck dress code

I don’t think you should be publishing the word redneck. It’s a mean word. Second, the article with the Brits missed the point. Why are we forcing young men into a certain gender role? What about the young men who simply desire long hair? What about the young men who are transgender and not open about it yet? I would say Butler is homophobic. But we all know they ain’t scared of long-haired, transgender girls. They are just jacklegs who feel they know the right way for a man to look and want to force their students into that box. Which is pure evil. — Hoppy Rogers