Jan 8, 2008 at 9:22 pm
Thanks to years of Republican economic fuckedupedness on both the state and federal levels, the Commonwealth’s budget is $434 million outta whack. Gamely avoiding the word “gaming,” Gov. Beshear announced sweeping budget cuts and hiring freezes in education, environmental protection, healthcare, transportation and economic development. Through a spokesman, Mississippi said, “Boo-yah!”

What do you do if bids for a $14 million dollar project you can’t afford come in at more than $19.5 million? You reject them, silly! Even state transportation officials know that much. So that’s what they did in rejecting all bids to build an exploratory tunnel to study the geological makeup in the area of fabled automobile tunnels to a mythical east-end bridge. Meanwhile, in a move reminiscent of the time Mom said we could go to the Led Zeppelin concert because she knew it was sold out, the feds approved the $4.1 billion Ohio River Bridges Project, daring Kentucky and Indiana to find a way to pay for it all.

Sure, the Dow went into a freefall and oil hit $100 and the credit crisis rained poop and the war raged on and Bush is still president and you gained 10 pounds last month and Louisville’s homicide rate in ’07 was the worst since merger and Mitch McConnell ads are already wrecking television, but here’s something that oughtta put an extra shiver in your next orgasm: The Sierra Club and the Kentucky Waterways Alliance actually persuaded the Army Corps of Engineers to stop a mountaintop removal expansion in Leslie County. Hey, maybe god isn’t dead after all.