What a Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar

Apr 23, 2014 at 5:00 am

Kentucky’s General Assembly session mercifully ended last week before it was able to pass anything especially egregious, but once again it failed to pass common-sense legislation that has overwhelming bipartisan support among legislators. Bills to grant domestic violence protections to dating partners and restore the voting rights of former felons once again died in the Senate, because when it comes to these issues, Frankfort is too invested in keeping Kentucky the absolute worst in the nation.


Louisville will soon hire an expert to determine the appropriate size of the Metro police department. The move is part of the continued efforts to address last month’s string of teen mob violence across downtown, which sent multiple people to the hospital. In related Big Brother news, the 27 new cameras along Waterfront Park are now operating. Thankfully, no drones have yet been deployed (though they have legitimately been suggested).


An inmate serving his sixth year of a nine-year sentence at the Kentucky State Penitentiary died after a four-month hunger strike. The man’s downward spiral apparently began when he stopped taking his anti-anxiety meds. A prison doctor has been fired over the incident. Others will likely follow. According to the AP, internal prison documents show that prison officials expected the mentally unsound man to cave in and start eating on his own.


Fox News discovered their new American hero last week: Nevada rancher Clive Bundy, who refuses to pay for his cattle that have grazed on federal lands over the last 20 years. The welfare cowboy mooching off your dime and grass also picked up an ally in Rand Paul, who sides with Bundy and his militia-member friends aiming their rifles at the heads of federal employees and using women as human shields. That’s what Liberty is all about.


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