What a Week

Aug 27, 2008 at 5:02 pm


It’s taken three years of huffing toxic fumes (cough), but it seems most of Louisville’s largest industrial plants finally are emitting fewer toxins. After learning certain pollutants were dangerously high (wheeze), city officials enacted the Strategic Toxic Air Reduction program in June 2005. Now, 30 of the city’s largest plants are in compliance. Although some pollutants have decreased (ah, deep breath), other chemicals — like chloroform and formaldehyde — remain prevalent (oh, gag).


The problem with kids today? In this case, perhaps it’s the teachers. A group of former educators — including one who threatened to bring a gun to school and another who called her students a bunch of assholes — is filing yet another lawsuit accusing JCPS of breach of contract. The 18 ex-teachers unsuccessfully sued earlier this year after administrators opted not to renew their contracts.


Gasoline retailers and wholesalers have 45 days to explain why Louisville drivers were on the brink of selling their first-born children to fill up their tanks. Attorney General Jack Conway subpoenaed local gas proprietors last week to find out why earlier this year prices were up to 40 cents higher in Louisville compared with nearby cities. The retailers and wholesalers have a month and a half to come up with a plausible excuse, although investigators already believe the reason is nothing more than market manipulation.


Speaking of high-priced gasoline, TARC riders should be prepared for service cuts (which took effect Sunday) to offset the rising cost of diesel. By scaling back routes, transit officials hope to save nearly $1 million. Not only will some TARC riders have to walk farther to catch the bus, they’ll also have to pay more to ride, thanks to a fare increase also aimed at making up for — you guessed it — costly fuel.