What a Week

Jun 13, 2006 at 7:39 pm
Behind enemy lines
In a sleazy campaign trick of near-Republican proportions, a John Yarmuth! campaign volunteer tried to infiltrate the Anne Northup camp. Robert Kahne, a 19-year-old Yarmuth! volunteer, used a fake name and offered to help Northup’s campaign, which presumably involved implementing a slack-jawed, zombie-eyed, Dumbya-is-my-god stare. One key difference between Kahne’s stunt and similar Republican shenanigans: He got caught. The Yarmuth! campaign, which claimed no prior knowledge of Kahne’s act, gave him the boot.

Lieutenant Governor for life?

Citing Louisville’s excellent water quality, parks, recycling and totally sexy mayor-for-life, SustainLane.com ranked Louisville the 35th best city in America for healthy and sustainable living. The city would have ranked higher if it offered better public transportation and greener buildings and maybe dropped a daisy-cutter bomb on Hurstbourne Lane. And if you think living here is great, try moving away. And then moving back again. Because Sperling’s Best Places named Louisville the nation’s best place to relocate a family. Mayor Abramson, too busy to rest on his laurels, took a D.C. meeting with U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, and then spent the week ducking rumors that the two are scheming to run for Governor and Lieutenant Governor on a Ben-and-Jerry ticket.

Motel 6 * 3.5
No, nobody slipped you a hit of blotter acid, and yes, those were paisley silk pajamas, and no, those circus freaks weren’t escaped mental patients, and yes, there’s a fine line between art and insanity. Relax. Everything’s going to be fine. Especially if you are the sort of human being who can afford to drop a thousand bucks to wear your jammies in public and watch Cirque du Soleil and numerous performance artists christen the city’s newest, weirdest, self-consciousest, Noo Yawkiest freakshow of a hotel-slash-museum ever. That’s what happened at the grand opening celebration for 21C, the new Louisville establishment that is to the hotel industry what Salvador Dali was to clocks. The hotel, whose name may in fact stand for the number of C-notes you could drop on a meal, a massage and an overnight stay, is also playing host to woman-in-a-window Lauren Argo until June 17. Check out the Web cam at www.21chotel.com.