We Also Think Kentucky GOP Politicians Should Shut The Fuck Up About Mask Mandates

Aug 11, 2021 at 1:44 pm
Chris Kolb

Sometimes — scratch that — almost all of the time, the old Twitter discourse gets a little messy. And entertaining. For those of you that don’t spend all night doom and anger scrolling until you can’t sleep, we’ve got a good one for you: a Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education member and a city councilperson dropped some internet f-bombs on state politicians. Ones we pretty much agree with. 

On Tuesday afternoon, to criticize the governor’s mask mandate in schools, Kentucky state Sen. Whitney Westerfield Tweeted: “Did anyone even speak at all to the psychological and educational harm to students wearing masks all day? I sure didn’t catch it if they did. So frustrating.”

JCPS Board of Education member Chris Kolb replied with a subtle “Fuck you.”

Westerfield responded “Hard pass.”

But before we got too far off to the sixth grade playground insult races, Westerfield blocked Kolb. 

Kolb then implied that Westerfield was a “snowflake.”

Councilperson Jecorey Arthur — who is a former teacher at JCPS — also criticized a state senator who complained about the mask mandate (Max Wise), posting a mostly red COVID map of the state and writing “STFU, Senator.”

It ended, as so many great Twitter topic cycles do, with a wrestling meme.

Some people in the thread argued that those two responses to the Senators were unprofessional, but, at this point, so many Republican politicians in the country and state are adamant about dismantling any sort of COVID-reasonable measure while politicizing a deadly virus… so as official Twitter judges, LEO rules in the favor of Kolb and Arthur: 

Westerfield and Wise should shut the fuck up.