Uh-Oh: Kentucky Is Burning Out on Holiday Cheer, Study Says

Dec 10, 2021 at 5:46 pm
Kentucky has had enough Christmas cheer for 2021.
Kentucky has had enough Christmas cheer for 2021.

Ok, Kentucky. Your Christmas spirit (or whatever) is officially up.

American Addiction Centers recently conducted a study to determine when residents of different states burn out from holiday parties, festive events and all of the drinking that comes with both.

To determine results, the organization surveyed 3,192 drinkers about the festive season, which for the study begins the day after Thanksgiving.

According to survey results, Kentucky residents have had enough holiday partying about 16 days into the season. This year, that happened Dec. 11 — did you feel it?

Some states hit their wall early into the season; Vermont and Montana residents were ready to call it quits after just seven days of holiday cheer, or by Dec. 2. On the other hand, New Hampshire keeps the party going for 20 days, until Dec. 15.

The survey yielded other insights. In an emailed release, American Addiction Centers said 62% of respondents drink with friends during the holiday season, 32% are more comfortable imbibing with family, and 6% find their crunk with coworkers.

See AAC's full list of burnout dates for each state.

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