Tim Wilson could be wrong ... but it”s not likely

Apr 15, 2008 at 7:06 pm

Comedian Tim Wilson comes to the Comedy Caravan on April 16-20.
Comedian Tim Wilson comes to the Comedy Caravan on April 16-20.
It’s well documented that Louisville is populated with talented comics, each with varied reasons for living here. Comic Tim Wilson, who chose Louisville after years of performing at the Comedy Caravan, is also one of our most nationally known comics. He enjoys his Highlands neighborhood where he can drink with friends at the Highlands Taproom (he produced a CD for Eddie and the Fuck Munkys, who play there often). His own most recent song, as writing songs for Capital Records is as much his act as standup, is titled, “But I Could Be Wrong” and features most everything Wilson is fed up with. YouTube (which ironically didn’t make his list) has more than a million hits on the video.

After I heard the song, Wilson told me on his way to South Carolina that it would take some work to figure out what he does like. “I’d have to think about that list. I like cars that run better than they used to.” On tour in cities from South Dakota to Florida, he’s on a mission to highlight the younger audience members and tell them how much they don’t know. “I explain America to them,” he said. Politically, he doesn’t like Bush, he’s well documented not liking the Clintons and, while without doubt he has problems with Obama, he revealed, “I’m married to a black woman. Voting for Obama is in my marriage vow.”

Wilson is a smoker whose routine includes the absurdity of not allowing adults to smoke where they want. Especially in Kentucky. “It’s like getting rid of corn chips in Kansas.” Then I met the Tim Wilson who is not the curmudgeon, but the guy who kicks back in Louisville with his family and yells at the television as a hobby. He doesn’t really mind the smoking bans nationwide. In fact, he admits he smokes less now. Wilson doesn’t argue politics or correctness as much as he tackles an issue and tears it apart until the audience sees a nugget of stupidity for themselves. Essentially, Wilson tackles stupidity.

What pisses him off most? “There is a guy in Erie, Pa., who has found a way to eliminate cancer cells using radio waves,” he said. I looked it up. According to CBS News, John Kanzius, a former radio station owner, has the serious attention of doctors at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Wilson continued, “He also found out these radio waves burn saltwater.” A possible alternative energy source; not as well studied but completely viable. “This guy,” Wilson said, “has single-handedly found two possible solutions to two big problems. And nobody cares.”

What pisses Wilson off these days is that we have a lot of problems without finding our own solutions. And he makes us laugh at ourselves for it. “Chris Rock yells at black people. I yell at white people.”

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April 16-20
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