Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Jun 19, 2019 at 9:59 am

Thorn: No money? Pool-ese!

Two Metro Council members say they want to reopen two of the four pools that were closed to save $272,500. Remember, the mayor spent nearly $116,000 to fete Derby guests, not including $26,000 from sponsors (pay to play, we say). The mayor won’t release the guests’ names. Which do you think would have a better ROI? Liquoring up the mayor’s business cronies about whom we know nothing... or keeping roughly 18,200 kids off the streets and away from their screens?

Rose: Ricky L. Jones punches down

The battle between the GOP and Ricky L. Jones, a LEO contributor, intensified last week with his Courier Journal column on the “racist, lying, nasty” GOP. He proposed they settle their fight with a debate, saying: “I am a former housing project kid who now protects the small folk and beats up bullies like Trump, Bevin and you! Know that I was born and raised in the same city as Martin Luther King Jr., live in the town that birthed Muhammad Ali and am a dangerous mix of both.” The Jefferson County Republican Party then sent out fundraising emails: “Follow this link to read the latest attack on our Party and our values by far-left Ricky Jones.” We hope the GOP accepts his challenge to debate (see below). As Jones wrote: “I’ll debate any 10 of you at once. That would make the exchange halfway fair.”

Rose: Scott Jennings, pugnacious

On the other end of the political rainbow is Scott Jennings,  who has been an advisor to Mitch McConnell and LEO contributor. He wrote a hilariously truthy op-ed for the CJ in which he imagines a liberal hears Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg praised Brett Kavanaugh: “Doubts begin to seep in. Maybe, he thought, angry mobs aren’t the best arbiters of information in this world of ours. The liberal dials a cousin — Obama’s Pajama Boy — to get a second opinion. He doesn’t answer. Even Pajama Boy got a job and moved out of his parents’ basement in this economy.” Regardless of how you view Jennings’ politics: Obama’s Pajama Boy!

Rose: A Jones vs. Jennings debate!

So... the obvious answer is a debate between Ricky L. Jones and Scott Jennings, the two most loquacious elocutionists  from their respective, partisan corners. We propose that former LEO writer and current CJ political reporter Phillip M. Bailey serve as moderator.