Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best And Most Absurd (10/14)

Oct 14, 2020 at 12:58 pm
kentucky masks

Thorn: How to lose on Nov. 3... we hope

Is your business hurting because of COVID-19? Could you use another government check because, you know, you’ve been furloughed? Well, U.S. Sen. Mitch “Who Spit In My Food?” McConnell would rather ram through tRump’s nomination of a *handmaid for the U.S. Supreme Court than care about your  puny lives. He said a relief deal is unlikely before Nov. 3. *See WashPo story.

Absurd: This is what he really thinks about us

Why did McConnell laugh during his debate with Amy McGrath? Because he was being attacked for how he led the U.S. Senate into inaction as COVID-19 swept the nation. “I had to say goodbye to my dying mother over FaceTime and I don’t know if she could even hear me and this monster is having a giant, diaper-filling chuckle,” tweeted Kat Kinsman, senior editor at Food & Wine. 

Thorn: Details, smeetails...

We are learning that the Louisville police made multiple mistakes at all levels that led to Breonna Taylor’s death and have continued after. Like — the massive investigative file released recently included part of an autopsy report for an unrelated case! 

Thorn: 3Percenters are 100% babies

Gov. Andy Beshear knows about domestic terrorists. Armed protesters hanged him in effigy at the Capitol because he dared to save our lives by enacting social distancing rules. After the FBI arrested 13 people for an alleged anti-government plot in Michigan, he said, “These groups are not freedom fighters. They are terrorists. They’re not security forces. They are threats to our nation. So, this nation, and every single one of its leaders — including everyone here in Kentucky — must in one voice denounce all of these groups.” The Kentucky group demanded an apology. “We are not racists, white supremacists, right-wing fanatics nor are we domestic terrorists,” the Kentucky 3Percenters said in a statement emailed to The Courier Journal by the group’s secretary, Patsy Bush. (The CJ reports she was recently charged with menacing for allegedly threatening to hang a man wearing a face mask with “Black Lives Matter” written across it in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.)

Rose + Thorn: Well-drawn protest vs. idiocy 

We know he would demur credit and elevate the others who took part, but Marc Murphy deserves a rose for organizing the “March to Justice” rally. Some 300 people gathered at Tyler Park, cheered powerful speeches by state Rep. Charles Booker, Louisville Urban League President and CEO Sadiqa Reynolds and LEO founder U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, among others, and marched to Jefferson Square Park. Not a cop to be seen. Guess that is what happens when a white lawyer does the organizing. But just days later, police wrestled a woman to the ground and arrested her over a dispute about people playing basketball behind a bus parked in a traffic lane. “A couple of Black kids were playing basketball. ... and all of the sudden, police are coming in hot,”  attorney David Mour told The CJ. “There’s another way that could have been handled.”