Thorns & Roses: The Best, Worst And Most Absurd (2/5/20)

Feb 5, 2020 at 11:14 am
kentucky masks

Thorn: Have Tiny Dick, Must Travel

The We Are KY Gun Owners rally brought gun-wielding, camo-clad, mask-wearing, insecure men (mostly) to protest the impossible possibility that Kentucky lawmakers would ever pass any legislation having anything to do with gun safety or control. Actually, it may have done more to harm their cause and Kentucky legislators by exposing just how ridiculous they are. In 2018, the state police restricted access to the Capitol for members of the Kentucky Poor People’s Campaign. But last week, men (mostly) with long guns and handguns and dressed like soldiers were allowed to step around metal detectors to pose for photos inside the Capitol Rotunda and otherwise prove they must have tiny dicks. Courier Journal columnist Joe Gerth wrote that the state legislature had agreed to allow gun-toters access to the Capitol without restrictions. Yet everyone else must be screened. Kentucky Proud!

Thorn: Freedom Of The Adverts

As anti-Mitch McConnell and as doggedly skeptical of him as The CJ is, there is no accounting for the advertising side of publishing because, well, ads keep the lights on at that paper and ours. Case in point: The CJ website has had an ad that filled almost the entire screen with McConnell’s befuddled visage and text thanking him for trying to kill the Health Insurance Tax, a vestige of Obamacare. This also ran as a full-page ad in the printed paper. The group behind the ads positions itself as championing small businesses and “hardworking families,” but The New York Times reported it is propped up by health insurance companies and the Koch brothers’ money. So, as usual, readers beware.

Thorn: Aluminum Hats Sound Like A No-Lose Investment For Kentucky

Remember how the state legislature was hoodwinked into giving $15 million to Gov.-rejected Matt Bevin for an “economic development” project he would not explain? Well, the Eastern Kentucky aluminum mill still hasn’t been built (despite an investment from a Russian oligarch), and last week Braidy Industries announced the CEO, Craig Bouchard, was leaving. But, wait! Bouchard asserted on Facebook he still is in control.  Well, at least Kentucky’s investment is safe... But, wait! WDRB reported that Bevin weakened terms for getting back our money if the mill isn’t built in time!