Thorns And Roses: A House Fire, Cheers For Beshear And More (12/6)

Dec 9, 2023 at 11:18 pm
Mike Pompeo

Thorn: House Fire During Holidays

It’s a common occurrence as the chilly temps set in and people use space heaters or other methods of staying warm, but the house fire that claimed the life of a child and one adult in Louisville’s Chickasaw neighborhood is all too sober a reminder that fire safety is important during this season. At press time, another adult is in critical condition. Please check for fire hazards around your home and have working smoke detectors. This family did or things likely could have been much worse. 

Rose: Big Cheers for Beshear

On Dec. 12, Beshear will be sworn in for his second term as governor of Kentucky. On hand for the event will be Eastern Kentucky native singer Tyler Childers, and state poet laureate Silas House. There is also a poster contest for children and guess what else, you’re invited. RSVP is required at

A leaf?: Grim Reaper Doing His Due Diligence

It is tasteless to celebrate the death of someone but, in the case of the passing of 100-year-old Henry Kissinger, a man responsible for the deaths of millions, it’s hard not to wish that kind of malice away from the world and hope that the afterlife finds him like the millions of lives he helped to snuff out. Kissinger himself was a refugee from the Nazis in Germany and yet his own experience didn’t extend grace to others. He was a calculating and cold strategist, and now he’s gone. He wasn’t the only major political death this week, Sandra Day O’Connor also died at age 93. She was the first woman on the Supreme Court. Moral: Be questionable to despicable as a human and live a long life. 

Thorn: Not enough Vets for your Pets

Veterinary Medicine in Kentucky, much like the healthcare industry for humans is seeing a decline in its workforce and older veterinarians are having to work for a longer time. The shortage is affecting those who need farm animal care the most. In 86 of Kentucky’s 120 counties, the shortage is being felt in real-time. The students in veterinary school aren’t choosing the rural communities to fulfill their roles. Good veterinary care for farm animals means a safer food supply for people. Something for new vets to consider. The Courier-Journal found loan debt, long hours, and burnout among the reasons for the shortage.