Aug 22, 2006 at 8:04 pm

Aug. 24-26
Women’s Equality Day Events
While the Equal Rights Amendment still hasn’t been passed, we women have one thing to celebrate — our right to vote. And local celebratory events are guaranteed to please. On Thursday, the U of L Women’s Center and Student Activities Board play co-host to a Women’s Equality Day Fair on the Belknap Campus. It’s free and open to the public and features Middle Eastern and African dancers.
Friday night the Frazier International History Museum (a much more inclusive name, don’t you think?) will play host to a Special Preview Screening of a new film, “The Seneca Falls Documentary Project,” which chronicles the journey of nine teenage girls as they cross the country to be part of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the women’s rights movement in America. Seating is limited, so call ASAP. Saturday bonus: All women and girls get free museum admission (with special activities planned for girls ages 5-12). —Jessica Farquhar
U of L Belknap Campus, West Lawn (Aug. 24)
Free; 11:30 a.m.

Frazier International History Museum (Aug. 25)
829 W. Main St.
$50; 7 p.m. screening, 9 p.m. discussion, 9:30 p.m. wine & desserts

Friday, Aug. 25
The Big Bone Art Show
The Big Bone Art Show — an ongoing event sponsored by a local group of artists called (what else?) “The Big Bone Crew” — will present “Snakes at an Art Show!” this Friday at Nancy’s Bagel Grounds. What is it? Well, it’s a group of up-and-coming artists you may not know who will exhibit and sell their art, some of them for the first time ever. It’s a multi-media affair, so pretty much anything goes — from paint to ink to 3-D to femur bones — and there will also be musical accompaniment from Taylor Jamison French and Joey Mudd. Plus there will be lots of good coffee, which is kind of a staple in the art world. The focus of the show is to put the spotlight on some blossoming artists and to give the gallery hop crowd a little something different. In other words, these are the art geeks who don’t necessarily wear fancy hats and sip appletinis. (Expect to see people with green hair.) Oh, yeah, go to the Highlands Tap Room on Bardstown Road after you visit the show and say, “I’ve just been to the Big Bone Art Show” — they’ll lay a drink special on you that you won’t believe. —Kevin Gibson
Nancy’s Bagel Grounds
2101 Frankfort Ave.
Free; 6-9 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 25
Iandras Moontree exhibit
F.A.T. Friday has got a “colorful” personality already, but Eyedia wants to up it a notch with the whimsical acrylic paintings of Iandras Moontree. Her brightly colored still-lifes and nature scenes, done in a style she calls “outside the lines,” are light-hearted and fun.
You get to eat, drink and swing to the beat while viewing her work. The band Tiffany will play music from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, as well as some contemporary stuff. And in case you’ve never been in Eyedia, it’s a furniture and home décor consignment shop that likes creativity and is far from stuffy. Moontree’s work fits right in. —Jo Anne Triplett
Eyedia, design it again
1631 Mellwood Ave.
Free; 6:30-9 p.m.

Circus Rock at The Jazz Factory
Saturday, Aug. 26

    The Late Night Salon will be in full swing this weekend at the Jazz Factory. The series of shows for non-jazz performers features the eccentric Les Debutantes, Saturday at 11 p.m.
    Les Debutantes features the songwriting duo Rev. J. Brent Stewart and J. Glen Reid, who will showcase songs from their upcoming 100-song album Centennial, possibly the most ambitious album in Louisville history. And to show they care, you’ll receive a free Centennial mini-sampler just for showing up. To get a rough idea of what to expect — imagine if Queen, Tom Waits and Elvis Costello combined into a Louisville quintet and performed music at the Barnum and Bailey Circus.
    You may recognize some of the musicians behind the creative pair; Meredith Noel of The Fervor will be play bass, Drew Osbourne of Your Black Star will be on drums, and Danny Cash (formerly of My Morning Jacket) puts down his keytar and picks up a guitar. —Michael Lichvar
The Jazz Factory at The Glassworks
815 W. Market St.
11 p.m.; $2 (all ages)    

Saturday, Aug. 26
‘Red Legs and Black Sox’
It seems that the most scandalous sport nowadays is America’s Pastime, Major League Baseball. With nonstop news coming out about Barry Bonds and steroid use, you’d think scandals are a recent phenomena. Let me remind you, however, of Pete Rose’s 1989 lifetime ban from baseball for alleged gambling. Or, better yet, let’s look back to the World Series of 1919 when eight members of the Chicago White Sox were banned after being accused of taking bribes to let the Cincinnati Reds win the series. Southern Indiana native Edd Roush played centerfield for the Reds that series — using a Louisville Slugger, duh — and this Saturday his granddaughter, Susan Dellinger, will introduce and present her new book, “Red Legs and Black Sox,” at the Louisville Slugger Museum. It is the first book to tell the story of the 1919 World Series from the perspective of the Reds, and it’s based on Dellinger’s research, historic documents and in-depth interviews with Edd Roush. The presentation begins at 1 p.m. with a book signing following at 2. —Michael Lichvar
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
800 W. Main St.
(800) 775-8443
Free; 1-4 p.m.

Saturday, Aug. 26
Roarin’ ’20s Tuxes & Tails Gala
Do you have a passion for animals, dressing fancy and dancing like a “flapper”? Do you have money to burn for a good cause? Clear your Saturday schedule, Churchill Downs has your event this weekend. The “Roarin’ ’20s Tuxes & Tails Gala” is a swanky affair, aptly held at Millionaires Row at the Downs, and if you have any inhibitions about swing dancing in front of people in nice suits, there’s even an open bar to provide some liquid courage. Your $100 ticket buys access to hors d’oeuvres (not appetizers, mind you), a buffet dinner, live music, a silent auction and adoptable pets, with all proceeds going to the Kentucky Humane Society. WHAS DJs Ron and Mel Fisher will emcee the activities, and other Louisville celebrities will drop in throughout the festivities. There are nice items up for bid in the auctions (one of which offers “premier” items), including fine jewelry, vacations in Florida, the Caribbean and Africa, various packages offering wine and golf and lessons in being more aristocratic. For up-scale hob-knobbing, it’s hard to top the festivities at Churchill Downs, because it’s not just a party, it’s a gala. —Nathan Thacher
Churchill Downs
700 Central Ave.
366-3355 (KY Humane Society)
$100; 6 p.m.

Aug. 26-27
Art in Speed Park
It’s not unusual to hear about art shows in parks around Louisville. St. James, Willow Park — there seems to be one held every month or two. And who can blame the organizers? It makes sense to view beautiful pieces of art in a beautiful setting. That’s what the community of Sellersburg had in mind when it started Art in Speed Park 15 years ago. This weekend, Art in Speed Park turns 16 and will feature more than 100 artists and craftsmen. There will be every kind of art imaginable, from watercolor paintings to stained glass and hand-woven baskets. There is also a playground and free art workshop to keep the kiddies busy. With jazz, bluegrass and gospel music all day and a food court if your tummy gets a-rumblin’. Sellersburg is just 10 minutes north of Louisville on I-65. Check it out. —Michael Lichvar
Speed Park
I-65 N, exit 9, Sellersburg, Ind.
Free; 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (Sat.), 11 a.m.-5 p.m. (Sun.)

Wednesday, Aug. 30
Free Mammogram Cancer Screenings
Being one who put this exam off for years, I can tell you it’s worth it to have a mammogram and get the information you need. By the time I got a free breast cancer screening, a questionable mass was discovered and a subsequent visit was recommended. Sure, I was nervous, but mostly angry with myself for not having done it when I turned 40 (by the time tumors or growths are indicated, chances for recovery decrease). Fortunately, the more detailed exam at J. Graham Brown Cancer Center concluded I was cancer free. This week you can get straight with your body and reap the benefits of a mammogram — free to women 40 or older who are currently uninsured. Planned Parenthood of Louisville, in conjunction with the Brown Cancer Center, offers this quick and educational opportunity next Wednesday, Aug. 30. Spanish interpreters will be on-site. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor — give them more years of you to celebrate! —Cindy Lamb
Planned Parenthood of Louisville
1025 S. Second St. (Old Louisville)
8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Call 584-2471 ext. 236 to set up an appointment