Sick over “Sicko”: The Humana memos on Michael Moore”s new documentary

Jul 17, 2007 at 8:27 pm

In an item that ran in last week’s City Strobe section, LEO asked Humana employees who were sick over “Sicko” — Michael Moore’s new documentary that criticizes the American healthcare system for being more driven by profit than care and examines more egalitarian systems in other industrialized countries — to provide the newspaper with any interoffice memos concerning the film. We offered to print the memos verbatim, with no editing, and to protect the identity of the person or people who offered them.

Less than 24 hours after the paper hit the stands Wednesday, we had memos in hand. In the next couple days came more offers, mostly from people who wanted to talk less about the memos and more about what it’s like participating in one of the good ol’ USA’s most repugnant industries this side of the megachurch.
What follows are documents presented to Humana employees on an Intranet system; Mike McAllister is Humana’s president and CEO.

Humana Memo 1 

Humana Memo 2 

Humana Memo 3 

Humana Memo 3 pg.2