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Jun 27, 2007 at 1:08 am

Piling on.
UK AD Mitch Barnhart has received unrelenting and unmitigated grief for moving the Wildcats’ pigskin tussle with U of L away from the season’s opening weekend. Of course, media and fans — red and blue alike — have been accused of overkill in their criticism. Obviously, the move affected Big Sports Television’s interest in the game, the broadcast of which now seems seriously in doubt. So, enough is enough, it’s a done deal, let it be. Right? Wrong! The move was so petulant, so boneheaded, so ill-advised, so stupid, so devoid of any rationale whatsoever, that Barnhart, and Coach Rich Brooks (allegedly the mastermind behind the schedule switch), deserve all the grief football fans in the commonwealth can muster. So, I’ll add my voice. Mitch, Rich, what you all did was stupid, really, really stupid.

Txt Msg Rls.
Quincy Roberts, a 6-5 guard from Pennsylvania, has committed to Miami, choosing the ’Canes over Virginia Tech and Florida State. The reason: text messages. Lots of them. “They would take turns with sending me them in the morning, in the afternoons, and at night. It was something every day. It made a difference.’”

Sail on, Sail on, Sailor.
I don’t know what you were doing at 8:30 Sunday morning, but I was hauling my tired butt out of bed to open the door for a sailing buddy (without the requisite cable sports package) who needed to watch the America’s Cup on Versus. That’s the Super Bowl of yacht racing for you sports fans who wouldn’t know a jibe from a tack. Well, me neither. But the play-by-play of Tucker Thompson and exceptionally colorful color commentary of Andy Green, combined with computer graphics that actually showed what was going on, made it a moderately palatable one-time watch. Of course, the pastries my pal used as a bribe compensated for the lack of rest. Oh, yes, Team New Zealand tied the best-of-nine series with Switzerland’s Alinghi at one all.

Pretty wins.
Reggie Theus was named Kings’ coach, just as you read would happen over a month ago here.

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