Rumor & Innuendo

Jun 19, 2007 at 7:42 pm

That darned Cardinal Nine.
Once in Little League my team was tied when a game was suspended due to darkness. When it came time to complete it, I was to be the first hitter. For two weeks, I fantasized hitting a game-winning homer, sure it would happen. When the time came, I struck out on three pitches. Call it whatever, I was too nervous, too anxious and wasn’t up to the task. So, too, were the upstart U of L Cards in their CWS opener. They blew 5-0 and 10-4 leads, losing to Rice. It happens. But, facing elimination, they slugged Mississippi State early, often and held on comfortably. Whether they’re dead or alive when you read this — deadline came before Tuesday’s elimination game — Louisville’s baseball squad is a local success story of the highest order. Three weeks ago even the most inveterate River City baseball fans couldn’t name a member of the team. Now their batting order can be repeated by rote. As the song goes, this could be the start of something big. Louisville, a baseball school … now that’s un-buh-leev-uh-bull!!!

Stay calm, Card hoops fans.

Top shelf recruit Samardo Samuels has, out of the Carolina blue, committed … verbally. (You think the excitement of the Super Regional at Patterson Field influenced his decision? I sure do.) We trust he’ll keep his word. And The Rick is talking excitedly about big things to come recruiting-wise. The red & black faithful are beside themselves. However, I’m advised that Samuels’ buddy, the highly touted Tyreke Evans, who has indicated U of L’s a strong possibility, is far from a sure thing. Don’t be surprised if he looks elsewhere in the end. I’ve been skeptical of such buddy pairings since U of L was a lock for Sidney Green and Tony “Red” Bruin, who were coming here together. Green went to Vegas. Bruin to ’Cuse.

Best ever?

In moments of abject delusion but with all sincerity, my pal David opines too often that Tiger Woods is the greatest athlete ever in any sport. So, Dave, riddle me this: How come the guy never comes from behind on Sunday?

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