Rumblings From the World of Sports

Jan 18, 2006 at 8:00 am

Rumor & Innuendo

Question of the week. So, how many tickets do you think they’ll sell if UK plays U of L in, say, the second round of the NIT? Or the semis at Madison Square Garden? As if either squad at this juncture is tough enough to make it that far.

Mr. Integrity does it again. I’m talkin’ Bobby Knight. Seems as if Mr. I’m-A-Man-Of-My-Word has backed off on another offer to a recruit, the third or fourth so-long-it’s-been-good-to-know-ya in the last couple seasons. And this prepster, Michael Godwin, actually signed a letter of intent to Texas Tech. Oh, Doyen of Duplicity, we’re sure gonna miss ya when you’re gone. Not.

Not enough Big Blue muscle. Tubby was so upset with his faltering Cats last week that he fired Tommy Boyd, the strength coach.

Do the right thing. When asked at his new Web site about naming the Cardinals’ court, coach Rick Pitino gave his whole-hearted support for putting Hall-of-Famer Denny Crum’s name on it. Good for you, Rick. It’s about time for this long overdue accolade. How about it President Ramsey? Tom Jurich? It’s your move, boys.

Man in the gray suit. I’ve never understood why Hollywoodland feels the need to play with the facts of stories as compelling as that of Texas Western in ’65-66. But they do. Nonetheless, you’d think they’d at least dress Adolph Rupp in his famous brown suit. Guess they couldn’t find one to fit in wardrobe. Speaking of that flick ...

... the rumor ain’t true. My sources advise, contrary to whatever you might have heard, that Mitch Barnhart is not thinking of firing the Tubbmeister and replacing him with Jon Voight.

Odd Card out. Now that Juan Palacios is proving he’s far from NBA-ready and Terrance Farley is getting incrementally tougher, there’s conjecture in Cardinaldom over whose scholly is going to be pulled to make room for next year’s recruits. One observer close to the scene suggested to look in the future for Bryan Harvey in a Long Beach State uni.

Cardinal O heritage. The leading candidate for the St. Louis Rams coaching job appears to be former U of L offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.