Nov 7, 2006 at 7:55 pm
    The Blossom Shop Florist (2218 Bardstown Road, 454-0421) has really taken on a new look, and the people there are so great to work with and help in all ways. I truly think everyone should stop in and take a look around — it has many nice flowers and gifts to choose from, and it is in a great location in the heart of the Highlands. —Gary Bowman

The Wine Market (1200 Bardstown Road, 451-7446) has the friendliest staff in town and the prices are always low. —William Stumbo

    Buechel United Methodist Church (2817 Hikes Lane, 458-6300) is the best place to hear Christian rock at 1 p.m. every Sunday! —Marsha Connell

    I really love Steilberg String Instruments (4029 Bardstown Road, 491-2337) — the store, the owners, the merchandise, the patrons … it feels like Kentucky: It is down-to-earth and not trendy or flashy ... it stands the test of time as a staple of Louisville and the surrounding music community and it is welcoming to all, from virtuosos to beginners, professionals to children. It is really wonderful. —George Seay

    Seviche (1538 Bardstown Road, 473-8560) is the best restaurant in all of Kentucky for the many seviches and variety of delicious food they prepare.  When we are in Kentucky, Seviche is our favorite — the ambiance and hospitality is second to none. —Armando Muniz

    I chose Volare (2300 Frankfort Ave., 894-4446) as the best romantic (restaurant) because I went there on a Thursday evening and they had live romantic jazz. —Princhilla McClure

    Chas Blakemore is one fantastic singer. He can sound like all other country singers, but most of all he is himself and does not try to act like he is better than anyone else. He is down to earth and a great person who gets along with everyone. He will help you in any way he can — he has helped my family a lot. —Tina Fletcher

    Third Street Dive (440 S. Third St., 587-0706) is exactly what this town needed. Great local music, cheap drinks and two dedicated owners who make sure you always have a great time! —Kenneth Hines


    (Meteorologist) Jay Cardosi (of WLKY-TV) comes across as very caring, trustworthy and knowledgeable without all the B.S. of the other anchors. —Mitch Fain

    Mark Bacon (WFPK-FM DJ) — awesome world music! —Anuj Rastogi

    Hunter S. Thompson (next big banner) has done more unintentionally in “keeping Louisville weird” than any of the celebrities currently displayed on the banners. —Bill Kessler

    (My picks were) chosen during first cup of coffee in the morning. So they were the only ones I remember, since I have been working the meth lab in the basement of LEO Weekly. —Tim Buckman