Profile - Shermia Love - Actress

Aug 27, 2008 at 3:30 am

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Good things come in small packages. At 5-foot-2 and 120 pounds, actor Shermia Love fits the cliché. A relative newcomer to theater, Love, 20, has already captured notice here, appearing in film, television and several plays. 

A member of the Catclaw Theatre Company, she just finished performing in “Toulouse-inations.” Playing Marie, one of the ladies of the night, was her favorite role so far, she says, because it showcased all her talents. Yes, she’s one of those triple-threats: dancer/actor/singer. 

Acting is her passion. Her mom, a single parent, emphasized the importance of finding a career she likes. So Love tried sports and gymnastics, but once she tried out acting, she knew she’d found her muse. 

“I love it when the audience ‘gets it,’” she says, “whether it be a joke or a painful emotion I’m trying to portray.” She says she can feel the vibe when the audience is rooting for her. 

Love’s resume includes appearances in two Juneteenth Jamboree plays, “The Stoop” and “Bringing Back Josephine.” She is in Nu Life Filmz’ “The Devil and I” and Image of God Productions’ “The Audit Trailer.” Her television appearances include Ladonia in “Circle of Necessity” and a cheerleader on the reality show “Cheer Academy.” 

A 2006 graduate of Louisville Male High School, Love is finishing up an associate degree from JCTC in theater, where she is currently collaborating on a play with fellow students. She’s been checking out other cities for schools to continue her studies. —Sherry Deatrick