Mitch the pedophile enabler, city’s flat architecture falls flat

Dec 6, 2017 at 10:32 am
Mitch McConnell

A Barney with Roger Stone, eh? Who’da thought it? Fame at last.

Not still flogging that dead horse, are you? With a bit of luck he’ll turn it into a blood feud, and this excruciating charade will be put to a swift end.

Look, it’s not every day that someone with the power to propel me to the White House takes an interest. Besides, he’s always struck me as the most likable of the Trump inner circle.

A bar that’s not so much low as lying on the floor. Like saying Göring always seemed like the one who knew how to enjoy himself. Get over it. You’re being pathetic and desperate.

Speaking of which, how pathetic and desperate is McConnell to give his little “if the people of Alabama decide it’s OK to have a suspected pedophile represent them, it’s OK by me” speech on the telly?

I didn’t think it was possible for me to loathe McConnell more than I do, even taking into consideration his support for a tax bill that does nothing but line his and his mates’ pockets. But being a pedophile enabler is not something I had hitherto suspected him of, and yet there he is, enabling a pedophile.

Yup. He somehow manages to come out of it all every bit as repulsive as Moore is. I mean, that Trump wouldn’t mind having someone with his own predatory sexual tastes in the Senate is one thing, but McConnell... I was about to say I had thought better of him but, on reflection, I hadn’t. What a total See You Next Tuesday he is. Anyhow, what do you take of last week’s transatlantic developments?

I think Harry’s done brilliantly, particularly for someone with a wealth of inbreeding issues to deal with. For once I’m willing to forgo my staunch belief in British republicanism and give a Royal the thumbs-up. The boy done good. And Parliament did us proud by actually calling Trump a racist sack of shit, which is something no American politician has the Alberts to do. A refreshing moment of bipartisan agreement, which, as you know, is even rarer over there than it is over here.

It all seems a little like a futile gesture to me. Parliament showing some balls I mean. Like a final act of defiance. Between the crass stupidity and duplicity of Brexit and the worst U.S. administration in living memory headed by someone who’s clearly several apples short of a picnic, I think we’re living in what’ll eventually be seen as a turning point in world history. I mean it: the end of Anglo-Saxon hegemony, an end brought about by the hubris of the ruling classes and the stupidity of the working classes that support them.

Very deep by your standards. And very possibly true. The historical pattern is for empires to get bigger, brighter and shorter.

And so we’re left in the hands of Republicans in Congress who can either press on with legislation that’s specifically designed to loot the country whilst ignoring the fact that the White House is occupied by a madman — one who very obviously received help from a foreign power to win office — or they can do something about fixing it all.

So unless there is a real Democrat wave, and I’m reluctant to bet on American voters, we’re fucked. Because if we’re relying on McConnell to do the right thing instead of lining his own sky rockets... well, we don’t need to expand further. Also fucked because Democrats are spineless wankers, and rather than calling these GOP sacks of shit out for what they are and demanding answers, they stammer conceits like they’re “concerned” or “disturbed.”

They need to hammer shit home not pussyfoot about. Like ask why Putin would help Trump. The answer is obvious and terrifying, which is maybe why nobody asks the question.

Same reasons Putin backed Brexit. He wants to see two mortal enemies weakened so that Mother Russia can dust off the Kalashnikovs and reclaim the Soviet empire by force — or at least with as little opposition as possible.

Of course. On the plus side, in more local news it appears the good Christian soldiers of Prospect are opening their arms to the poor.

Ah, there it is: that biting bitterness that always stood between you and a respectable career as a journalist. It’s thoroughly fucking repulsive, obviously.

The weirdest thing is that the renderings of Prospect Cove, RIP, are exactly the same as every other new block of flats that have gone up all over the city for the last few years. NuLu, Downtown, Crescent Hill, The Highlands. Whoever draws them has the easiest gig in Louisville — “Here, mate: do us your block-of-flats drawing, only this time make it somewhere else.” It’s a shame, because this town has loads of wonderful architects and a terrific Landmarks Commission, which the Republicans on Metro Council always choose to ignore... because “business.”

You know me: I love my Brutalism. So, yeah, probably the only upside to the hoity-toity NIMBY residents of Prospect putting the kibosh on poor folks living there is that at least it won’t mean another under-designed block of flats.

The Soviets loved them some Brutalism too. So give it a while — it’s about to make a comeback.