Listen to LEO advice columnist Minda Honey on Dan Savage’s podcast

Mar 30, 2017 at 12:07 pm
Savage Lovecast

You know what happens when you tweet something about trying to steal Dan Savage’s crown as the internet’s most-regaled dating advice guru?

He invites you on his show.

Dan, who spent a summer in our fair city of Louisville in the mid-‘80s, had me on an episode of his podcast, Savage Lovecast. We answered one question from a young man who had a perplexing thought process behind asking women in his class out, and we tackled a sub-dom-friend relationship triangle question. He also revealed the secret for how liberals can reroute the path of politics in this nation. But mostly, it was just sex chatter:

Dan: That would be like a friend of mine calling me up and asking me for some advice about his new boyfriend and then me expecting 50 percent of the blowjobs from that guy. […] But that’s not how giving sex and relationship advice to your friends works. It’s certainly not how giving sex and relationship advice professionally works, as Minda and I can both attest. We give a lot of sex advice–

Minda: That’s true. We get all of the headaches, and none of the head.

Dan: You win! I can’t top that.

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Here's a five-minute audio excerpt of the conversation: 

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