LEO Weekly Is Hiring A Digital Media Editor ***Position Filled***

Jan 1, 2024 at 5:47 pm
Could you be the LEO Digital Media professional we need?
Could you be the LEO Digital Media professional we need?

***Update*** Position Filled

Are you a social media wizard who loves to write? Enjoy collaborating with a team of creative brains?

We seek to hire a Digital Media Editor to guide LEO Weekly’s online presence. That means wearing quite a few hats: You’ll be figuring out what we should cover on our website alongside our editor-in-chief and then working with our small but mighty editorial team to do some of the writing. Yes, you will be writing. 

You’ll craft slideshows aimed at helping our readers better understand Louisville. And you’ll be the captain of our social media efforts, sharing our work wherever readers may be lurking (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and whatever grows up to replace it finally).  

Interested? We’ve got a few bullet points to help you figure out whether we’d be a good match.

The responsibilities you’ll have

-Conceiving and writing original articles and slideshows to bring in readers and keep them hooked

-Commissioning photographers to cover Louisville events as budgets permit

-Managing social media, using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook/FB stories, Instagram/Instagram stories, TikTok, and Reddit to connect LEO Weekly content with readers

-Writing quick-hit posts for our website to let people know what’s happening in Louisville

-Addressing web, social media, and article complaints from the public in a timely fashion

-Crafting headlines for digital audiences

-Working with the editor-in-chief, achieving pageview, unique visitors, and other monthly goals set by the company 

The skills we’re looking for

-Excellent writing and editing skills, with an understanding of the special requirements of writing for the web, such as the use of keywords, hyperlinks, navigation, and the importance of brevity

-Superior spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills

-Outstanding attention to detail

-Excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively and collaboratively 

-Exceptional organizational skills

-Ability to identify offbeat, fun, unique, community-focused stories and events for coverage

-Ability to learn and utilize programs such as Google Analytics, Canva, and other tools to analyze traffic patterns and maintain social media scheduling

Do you fit the bill? Here’s a bit about us

LEO Weekly is owned by Big Lou Holdings, which also owns alt-weeklies in three other cities. We’re a new company, but we offer a competitive salary, paid time off, a 401K, and benefits including health insurance. 

Email a resume, cover letter, and three examples of published work to Sarah Fenske at [email protected]. Questions are also welcome via email.

And to answer one right off the bat: Yes, our staff largely works from home, and we relish the flexibility in that. But, we need someone who lives in the Louisville area or is willing to move there. We’re hyperlocal; you should be too. We also want someone who is willing to come into the office at least one or two days a week.

We look forward to hearing from you.