Inbox - May 20, 2015

May 20, 2015 at 3:13 pm
Inbox - May 20, 2015

PVA Grief

Enough noise about property taxes. Two things are clear as the nose on your face: First, a house is worth exactly what the current owner paid for it, not what some appraiser dreams up, even if he or she uses a fancy computer program. And second, unelected officials shouldn’t be allowed to jack up our rates every time they get an itch for more of our money. Equally obvious is the solution California found many years ago: Proposition 13, which fixed property values at the last purchase price and limited all property taxes to a total of one percent.

End of story. Now here is something worth voting for.

John Gamel, 40207


Mother’s Day Editor’s Note

Just read your May 6 Editor’s Note. You wrote that Mothers Day was the one day you can be there for your Mom and give her a hug. Hate to rag on you, dude, but all the other days of the year are a great day to be there for your Mom as well.

Barton K. Dennison


Avoid the Fish Pedicure

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned people about the dangers of the ill-conceived “fish pedicure” beauty treatment that is popping up in popular tourist destinations such as Cancun, Mexico.

Fish pedicures are already banned in 10 states in the U.S. due to health risks to humans and cruelty to the fish. Studies have linked the species of fish most commonly used in these procedures, Garra rufa, to a host of bacteria that can cause infections to anyone with open sores or skin cuts, an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, or an immune system compromised by AIDS, cancer or advanced age.

When fish are present in pedicure tubs, the tubs can’t be sufficiently sanitized between customers, and the fish themselves cannot be disinfected. The water is also a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, as noted in a report by the U.K.’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, which investigated the types of bacteria associated with Garra rufa. The report also stated that when exposed to bacteria thriving on fish scales or waste, even the tiniest cut can quickly become infected.

Additionally, the fish must be starved in order to make them eat dead skin for sustenance. PETA urges everyone, for their own health and to prevent cruelty to animals, to opt for beauty treatments performed by willing human technicians.

Alicia Woempner People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


March Against Monsanto

When I was in Louisville last year the turnout for the March Against Monsanto was feeble. This was mostly due to lack of advertisement, but 60 people for the size of this great city is pathetic. I know Louisville is smarter than this.

So many other countries less advanced than our have banned GMOs. Monsanto is a serious issue, as you may know. If not, please educate yourself. There is a March Against Monsanto website and Facebook page, and info can be found there.

The March Against Monsanto is this Saturday, May 23.

Margaret Nader A Concerned Citizen of the Planet