Inbox — May 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor

May 1, 2013 at 5:00 am

Shit Talkin’
Regarding the news article “Waste not” from the April 24 LEO Weekly: I am delighted to learn that Sen. Rand Paul composts at home. Of course, Sen. Paul can compost anywhere since almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a form of fertilizer.
Dan Farrell, Downtown

Latin Up
I don’t expect the staff of LEO to be experts in classical Latin, but there are some phrases the average person tends to know. One of these is “creatio ex nihilo,” also the title of the new release by Stonecutters. (Well, it seems they titled it “creatio ex nihil,” which is poor grammar, but I’ll let it slide.) Anyway, even if you’re not aware that “creatio ex nihilo” is “creation out of nothing(ness)” as opposed to “creation in annihilation,” as Peter Berkowitz said in the April 10 B-sides (“annihilation” being “annihilatio” in Latin — as it’s a Latin word), any cursory Google search would have pointed that out.

What exactly do your editors do? They certainly don’t edit.
J. Roshi, Jeffersonville

It would appear that the increasingly powerful skinny jeans and smart-phone cabal successfully pressured Mayor Fischer into presiding over the ceremonial rebranding of the former Theater Square as SoFo. This is yet another case of seemingly outlandish satire (i.e. your April Fools issue) turned into a depressing reality before the ink is dry.

Was not NuLu silly enough? Can NuRu be far behind? This is not New York Fucking City. This is not even Possibility City. Must we turn into Poseurville? Enough already. No mo SoFo mofo.
Vincent J. Callahan, Highlands

Focus Your Weapon
To Rodney Smithery of Clarksville, et al (regarding the April 24 Inbox): It is sickening to keep exploiting these children for your anti-gun agenda, trampling on one of everyone’s constitutional rights while exercising another. Guns and definitely the NRA are not the problem. No gun has ever walked itself and shot itself at anyone. People are the problem; more importantly, not enforcing the current plethora of dangerous crime laws and the liberal leaning of “soft-on-crime.”

Similarly, in LEO, in one section of the Zeitgeist Radar the editor pretends to know the Constitution, praises the use of the Constitution for the Boston bomb suspect, then one paragraph down condemns the Constitution and the failure of a bad gun-control bill.

It’s time to stop blaming the gun, nitpicking which part of the Constitution you like, and demand everyone follow said part. Crime and the economy are the problems, not law-abiding citizens who own a gun. Focus on that.
Kevin McDonald, Hillview

I’ve Got It!
Eureka! I’ve found the money our Metro Government needs to cover the shortfall in the KFC Yum Center’s cash flow (Feb. 20, LEO). Just check out the Metro Council page in this year’s Metro Government budget. You’ll see that they’ve appropriated almost $2.8 million to their personal discretionary accounts. That ought to cover it.
Tom Louderback, Highlands