Inbox — March 19, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Mar 19, 2014 at 5:00 am

Celibate and Happy
I spotted a billboard in my neighborhood that at first concerned me deeply. It said, “Not all heterosexual men are happy,” and then had the audacity to suggest that this state of unhappiness could be remedied. I drove to the address given on the billboard, prepared for a fracas, but as soon as I entered the building, I lost my decisiveness.

I was warmly greeted by a pink-shirted, smiling man with spiky hair who asked if I would like to eat before we conversed. I looked over the banquet table — corndogs, Beanie Weenies and banana splits (whole bananas) for dessert — and declined. The smiling man then asked me if I was happy with my relationships with women. “Hell, no,” I replied. He asked me if I had ever thought about having sex with a man, and I told him only with Norman Reedus, and he said that that didn’t count, so I told him, “No, then.” He asked me if I’d ever considered living a celibate life, and I said, “All the time, man.” He encouraged me to follow that inclination, and I thanked him and left. I wondered what the hell I’d been so worked up about in the first place.
Thomas Kalb, Lyndon

History Repeats
Joe Sonka’s story about Hal Heiner’s largely self-funded campaign for governor in the March 12 LEO Weekly reminded me of a legendary story about another wealthy GOP candidate for governor about 40 years ago. Bob Gable probably didn’t have much of a chance of beating incumbent Gov. Julian Carroll. That was acknowledged by most political observers, much to Gable’s chagrin. Everyone knew he was essentially campaigning for the GOP’s down-ticket candidates. Bear in mind, this was only two years after Watergate and almost 10 years before the ascendance of Mitch McConnell. So, Gable was the good soldier doing his duty for the good of the party.

But, Carroll wanted to rub salt into the wound. He became bitterly disdainful of Gable on the stump. Many say the feeling was mutual. These two just didn’t like each other. In any event, Carroll soon adopted the following attack line and gleefully repeated it around the state: “Bob Gable wants to be famous, but he will never be anything other than Bob Gable, Rich Man.”
Tom Louderback, Highlands

Shame on Fox News
Kudos to President Obama for introducing a plan on Feb. 27 to help young men of color build networks and get education and skills. The much-needed plan is called My Brother’s Keeper Task Force. It appears to be a total community project that involves commitment from the public and private sectors.

I watched our president present his plan on cable television. He gave good reasons for its necessity and shared how it could be successfully implemented. Obama spoke for about 50 minutes. Both CNN and MSNBC carried his talk live from beginning to end. Noticeably not covering live the newsworthy event was cable’s Fox News.

I think it’s fair to say Fox News and most of its die-hard viewers oppose President Obama on just about everything. My Brother’s Keeper is a project that needs the support of all Americans who love this country and its people. I just don’t understand why Fox News did not cover such an important happening. They deprived their viewers of information about a program of hope that offers possibilities of making us a better nation.
Paul L. Whiteley Sr., St. Matthews

Putin Has A Point
Vladimir Putin is exactly correct. America should mind its own business. Let’s not forget the fact that the United States invaded, toppled a government and occupied Iraq for more than a decade while that particular country never did a single thing to the U.S. Who are we, the Americans, to call Putin an invader when we operated like a mafia boss imposing our will on another country for years?
Robert Zoeller, Louisville