Inbox — June 27, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Jun 27, 2012 at 5:00 am

Fake Out
In case you’re wondering whether anyone reads your love/hate mail, I must tell you that last week’s letters had me laughing out loud. I had to check my paper to make sure I hadn’t picked up a copy of The Onion by mistake or else stumbled into some kind of “Groundhog Day” version of an April Fool’s joke.

Either LEO readers disproportionately include masters of satire, or someone over there is pulling my leg.
Mary Rotella, East End

Dirty Pride
Last weekend, we were given the opportunity to attend Kentuckiana Pride Fest, which was my first attendance in Louisville. Truth be told, I was completely unaware of what I’d experience and certainly had reserved expectations. On a whim, I decided to walk to the Belvedere. It wasn’t long before my gay-dar was active by the continuous passer-bys, and I was greeted with the terribly littered streets. It looked as if this was a month-long event. Already, I was uneasy from such a welcome. Soon after, I noticed the barely dressed men and women, the lack of actual mapping in the festival, and the obviously poorly organized tents. I was terribly disappointed to see Budweiser was the only option. I’m sorry, but this city has an extensive collection of local breweries. I find it hard to believe that not one of them would be interested in a tent or participation in the festival, considering this city’s concentrated community.

Another point was the apparent lack of etiquette between the far too intoxicated individuals who couldn’t keep their clothes on, or those who had to be pulled off each other because of their primitive need to throw punches. I’m not surprised by the lack of heterosexual and family participation in this “diversity” event. Hopefully next year they’ll be able to welcome more local vendors and cater to a larger demographic. After all, our culture hasn’t always been welcomed. You’d think we’d take this opportunity to define our place and educate future members. Instead it seems we displayed a night of debauchery and careless action that dirtied the city and made someone’s job harder for a few days. Next year, let’s at least keep the streets clean and act as if we’re meant to live in society.
Shane Murphy, Old Louisville

No McMeat
Many things can be said in the meat vs. veg argument, and I am an omnivore, but I would never brag that a McDonald’s burger was anything resembling meat, and I would never waste my limited meat-eating karma on that.
Debbie Finkel, Crescent Hill

Say What, Caveman?
This is in response to Paul L. Whiteley’s Sr.’s May 30 Inbox letter. Imagine I am The Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer (a fictional character made popular by actor Phil Hartman on “Saturday Night Live”). I might address a courtroom by saying, “Your honor, members of the jury, and readers of LEO, 100,000 years ago while out hunting, I slipped and fell into a glacial crevasse and was frozen solid. In 1988, I was thawed out by scientists and subsequently attended law school.

“There are many things in your modern world that frighten and confuse me. For instance, while in Hawaii driving around in my BMW, I saw a solar eclipse. In horror, I asked whether the moon was eating the sun. I don’t know. Because I’m a caveman — that’s the way I think.

“There is one thing I DO know. My clients, the Republicans and the conservatives, will be vindicated on the charges that they have no grounds upon which to show that President Obama is a divider. The countless Internet sites with their text, audio and videos will be irrefutable evidence that will show beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Obama has not been a uniter.”

(Later, at the reading of the verdict, I was watching a Knicks game on my portable TV.) “I’m sorry, your honor. I was distracted by the tiny people inside this magic box.”
Robert Veith, Brandenburg, Ky.