Inbox — Aug. 31, 2011

Letters to the Editor

Aug 31, 2011 at 5:00 am

Last week’s cover photo was taken by David DeSilva featuring Amy Seiwert’s Imagery (see more from them at and Also, the article about the New Albany Public Art Project misstated two aspects: The 2011 artists received a $4,000 honorarium, and the figures listed for the projects are the purchase price, not the cost to complete the projects. LEO regrets the errors.

Orchestra Plays On
In the interest of accuracy, it is worth noting for LEO readers that references in the Aug. 24 spotlight on musician Jonathan Mueller are incorrect. Two references appear in the article to “sweeping layoffs” and “… in the months preceding the layoffs.” There, in fact, have been no layoffs at the Louisville Orchestra in spite of assertions to the contrary and the fact that the orchestra has been navigating its way (successfully) to emerge from bankruptcy. Absolutely no musicians have been laid off at the Louisville Orchestra, nor have they been terminated in any way. The orchestra has two offers of employment on the table for its musicians (one for three years and one week-to-week offer), both of which the musicians and their union are choosing to reject. Our musicians remain our employees; none of them have been laid off or terminated.
Robert A. Birman, chief executive officer, Louisville Orchestra

Stop the Madness
Louisville, I miss you. But some of the people running you make me angry, and I don’t want to admit I love you sometimes. I trekked to New Hampshire and now reside there (the Kentucky dragonfly plate does get some looks). But when I check in with LEO to see what’s going on around home, I find it still in its usual state of disarray. So there’s money to stop the trains from blaring their horns so people can sleep, but there is no money to build housing for people needing a home? That doesn’t make cents! What is being done to replace the homes that were demolished to make way for better ones? Oh yeah, waiting on money from the mayor, to be sat on even longer to do a whole lot more of nothing. WHY? I know the proud motto is Keep Louisville Weird, but do we have to have so many things out of order for the city to function?

“It’s of interest to know, if only as a general reference point, that the Metro Public Works Department has a 2010-2011 budget of more than $87 million. The Department of Public Health and Wellness, with a mission to improve well-being, has a budget of almost $31 million.” (“Whistle, stop,” LEO Weekly, Aug. 17.) Now wouldn’t you think the Department of Health and Wellness would have concerns about the housing issues? I mean, if people don’t have someplace to call home, how do you expect them to have happy and healthy lives?

Louisville can offer so many wonderful things, but it takes people getting their thumbs out of their butts and actually using their brains to better improve the community they represent!
Tiffy L. Lafferty, a roaming Louisvillian

Mental Case
In last week’s LEO, Tom Louderback correctly claimed, “Most veterans I know tune out just about everything politicians say. They don’t believe any of it.” Like Tom, I’m a Navy vet — retired in 1964 — and believe a lot of these politicians are born-again Christians who suffered brain damage on re-entry.
Bob Moore, East End