CD Review for 2-6: Prizzy

Feb 5, 2008 at 7:29 pm
Prizzy Prizzy Please

With Secretly Canadian’s catalog shifting into a more folky, psychedelic gear (Black Mountain, Bon Iver, Evangelicals) lately, it’s nice to hear Prizzy Prizzy Please show the other side of Bloomington’s staggering-for-its-size musical identity: the side that punks you out. P3’s nine-song offering shows hints of DC and southern-Cali punk imagination: fast and furious structures (“Shorgasm”); sarcastic (in a good way) falsetto (“Campfire Girls Weekend Party,”) and space-age strut (“Thought Command”). Their epic-rock gene flexes thanks to Ted’s keyboards on “Thundergust of Woodpeckers,” but overall, Prizzy creates a picture of new school punk so vivid you’ll forget Hawthorne Heights ever existed. —Mat Herron