Cableboxing: “30 Rock” disses Cleveland and “Ghostbusters”!

May 6, 2008 at 5:31 pm

30 Rock
Season 2, Episode: “Sandwich Day”
Thursdays, NBC, 9:30 p.m. Aired May 1. Starring Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski.
Synopsis: Liz tells Jenna and Pete that her ex, Floyd, called her the night before to tell her he is in New York and, because of a big storm coming, he’s going to be stranded and needs a place to crash, and this is where Liz comes in. Liz is confused by Floyd’s call and wants advice from Pete and Jenna.

Mat: The question is, Shavens, how would you fare against Brian Dennehy in a drinking contest with Jeremy’s (Jameson, obviously) as the juice? He’s pretty Irish.

Sara: Well, I’m not Irish. But I am pretty — in the 4 a.m.-last-call-bright-lights-come-on sort of way. It’d be a piece of cake. I at least could take down Jane Krakowski — after 10 shots, I’d be slurring out “Danny Boy,” too.

Mat: Let me get this straight: Fey’s character lives in the largest city in the United States, works at a hip sketch comedy show and sweats a guy from Cleveland? She can’t find one in the same zip code? I disconnected my long distance a while back. Like, in college.

Sara: Loved the jabs at Cleveland. As a former Buckeye who hails from Dayton (by way of Tipp City), Cleveland is a strange and foreign place, even to me. You really aren’t a city until you have an Ikea. They just got one in Cinci — Louisville can’t be too far behind if the shopping gods have their way.

So Fey’s ex is back in town and she wants to make him realize what he’s missing. Loved the scene when she’s all dolled up and has the props guys blow the fan toward her while she pouts her lips and speaks like a second-rate soap star waiting for her close-up. When he tells her she looks nice, she says, “Do I? I’m pretty tired from playing as hard as I work.” Also loved the line after he asks her out to “you know, that barbecue place you puked at.” “You’ll have to be more specific,” she says. Nice.

Tracy Morgan, funny or not funny?

Sara: Eh, funny when he’s got no restrictions, like his recent appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show. But kinda lame when overdoing already funny dialogue.

Mat: Would you use “Ghostbusters” for good or evil?

Sara: Oh yeah, forgot to tell you — I saw Peter Venkman, you know, the new guy in advertising, steal the new Mariah CD when it came in. Damn him. I really wanted to review that, too! Oh well.

Mat: Maybe our newspaper should have a union that hands out sandwiches. Maybe then I’d learn what this business is all about: Where you go to lunch determines the kind of day you’re having. I understand Fey’s anger. Stealing someone’s lunch is lowdown.

Sara: Have you seen my hot brown? It better not be that Venkman!

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