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Aug 13, 2008 at 11:12 am

In its heyday, Kinghorse meted out a startling and sometimes horrifying trail of uncompromising rock and hardcore. Frontman Sean Garrison, guitarist Mark Abromavage, bassist Mike Bucayu and drummer Kevin Brownstein shook foundations and incited outrageous, skankified bliss.

To commemorate, Louisville Lip Records founder Shawn Severs is putting out a long-overdue compilation of Kinghorse covers by local bands. No specific release date has been set, but the first disc will feature covers and the second original songs. According to an Aug. 7 post on the label’s MySpace page, here’s the lineup, which is subject to change:

Lords: “Clayfist”

Dead Child: “Brother Doubt”

Stonecutters: “Red”

Straight A’s: “Charge”

The Glasspack: “Going Home”

Scully: “Awaken”

Second Story Man: “Lay Down and Die”

Plows: “Let it Come Down”

Frontier(s): “Thief”

Blade of the Ripper: “Too Far Gone”

Buffalo Bill: “Lose It”

Brother Doubt: “Freeze”

Catherine Irwin: “Razor”

Nixon: “Descend”

(As yet) Un-named band: “Never”

Severs says he plans to hold a release show to coincide with the 20-year anniversary of Kinghorse’s first gig in 1988, and the compilation will only be available at this show.

“Since Kinghorse was the last great Louisville band that basically drew in all the various factions — rednecks, punks, metal dudes, skaters, whatever — this comp will represent various ‘genres’ that they influenced,” Severs wrote in an e-mail.

Proceeds from the disc and the show benefit The Home of the Innocents. Check out Louisville Lip at myspace.com/louisvilleliprecords.

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