A Comprehensive List Of 2019 Louisville Photo Biennial Venues And Events

Sep 18, 2019 at 12:29 pm
‘Women Praying’ by Jay Mather at the UofL Photo Archives.
‘Women Praying’ by Jay Mather at the UofL Photo Archives.
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1619 Flux

Through the Latin Lens, Sandro Fajardo, Guillermo A. Sollano Sept. 21-Nov. 8

21c Museum Hotel

Labor&Materials Group Show Through Feb. 29

De/Tension/Past:Landscapes of American Incarceration, Emily Hanako Momohara Sept. 20-Feb. 29

The Archaeology of Self Group Show Nov. 1-Feb. 29

GBBN’s Design Issue Series: Screen Time Nov. 21-Dec. 1

Art Sanctuary

Ali: Beyond the World Stage, photography from the Courier Journal Oct. 4-Nov. 1

Voice Tribune of Louisville: Celebrating a Tradition of Fashion Photography Nov. 1-Dec. 31


HomeLands, Robb Hill Oct. 4-Oct. 31

Road Less Traveled, Daniel Andis Oct. 4-Oct. 31

Art Alliance of Southern Indiana

Nature Photography of Kevin Dickman Sept. 20-Oct 31

Arts Association of Oldham County

Pure Kentucky: A James Archambeault Tribute Show Sept. 17-Oct. 19

Bellarmine University McGrath Gallery

Mark Yourself Safe, Ashley Johnson Oct. 11-Nov. 8

Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest Education Center

One GIANT Vision: Images of the First 90 Years of Bernheim Through December

Bluegrass Motor Sport

Car Photography, David Harrison Oct.1-Oct. 31

Brick Street Art Studio

Photography by David Becker and Kimara Wilhite Sept. 20-Oct. 31

Capital Gallery

Collection of Photography from Coast to Coast Sept. 25-Oct. 30

Capital Museum

The Singing Bridge: A Photographic Memorial to Lynching Victims in the Capital of Kentucky Rebekah Terry, Patrick J. Mitchel, Majorie Guyon Opens Sept. 27

Carnegie Center for Art and History

Like a Bad Penny, Rachael Banks Oct. 4-Nov. 30

Centre College AEGON Gallery

Gaia Weeps, Frederica Armstrong, Isabella La Rocca, Carolyn Monastra, Kay Westhues Nov. 1-Nov. 30

Chestnuts and Pearls

The Many Faces of Nature, Ann and Fred Bremer Sept. 20-Nov. 10

Journey to Cuba, Jessica and Sharon Bussert Sept. 20-Nov. 10

Clarksville Public Library

Kentuckiana: the Beauty of Our Home, Louisville Photographic Society Show Group Show Oct. 5-Nov. 9

Craft(s) Gallery

Reality & Dreams: Shared Loves Marcia Lamont Hopkins, Dobree Adams Oct. 4-Oct. 27

Downtown Arts Center, City Gallery

Ancient Lands, Tom Fielder Sept. 9-Nov. 4

Downtown Pilates

Photography from the Collection of Rowland Miller Opens Sept. 20

Edenside Gallery

Silver Gelatin Prints, Fred DiGiovanni

Filson Historical Society

Louisville, City in Transition, Ivey W. Cousins Sept. 26-Nov. 10

Floyd County Platform 22 Pop-up Galleries

Pop-up Galleries in Southern Indiana parks including Reisz Building, Community Park, Galena Digital Library, Garry Caven Park and Kevin Hammersmith Park Opens Oct. 4

Frazier History Museum

Celebrating the Sounds of Kentucky Sept. 12-Feb. 2020

Poe-tography Western Middle Student Show Sept. 20-Nov. 1

Galerie Hertz

Ohio River Odyssey, John Nation, Joe Wolek Sept. 22-Nov. 1

Galleries at Georgetown College

State of Photography Group Show Oct. 2-Nov. 2

garner narrative fine contemporary art

our eyes: gallery artists and friends for the Louisville Photo Biennial Oct. 4-Oct. 25

Ivy Tech, Pat Harrison Gallery

Stories Untold: an Ivy Tech Fine Art Photography Student Show Oct. 3-Nov. 8

James Bourne Gallery

Portraits: Known and Unknown, Michael Wilson Sept. 20-Oct. 31

Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery

15th Anniversary Invitation Photography Exhibition Sept. 23-Nov. 30

Jefferson Community & Technical College, Krantz Gallery

Photography by Lisa Mercer and Leslie Mosher Sept. 20-Nov. 10

Jeffersonville Arts Alliance

Narrative: an Ivy Tech Fine Art Photography Student Show Sept. 27-Nov. 8

Jeffersonville Township Public Library

Natural Wonders, Deborah Brownstein Sept. 28-Nov. 9

Kentucky Center for African American Heritage

Women Hold Up Half the Sky: Women of West Africa, Aukram Burton, Bud Dorsey Sept. 20-March 20

Kentucky Derby Museum

Century of the Crown

Kleinhelter Gallery

Yellowstone in Winter and Spring, Ray Wallace Sept. 20-Oct. 31

Launch Louisville

Louisville: a Portrait of Home, Michael Clevenger and Courier Journal Staff Sept. 3-Nov. 15

Louisville Metro Hall, First Floor Gallery

Looking at Kentucky Anew: the Kentucky Documentary Photographic Project Through Jan. 10

Louisville Slugger Museum

Project H&B ID: Putting the Names with the Faces of Hillerich & Bradsby Co. Sept. 27-Nov. 1

Moremen Gallery

Dancing in Darkess, Vinhey Keo Sept. 27-Oct. 26

INSCAPES, Matt Gatton, Madison Cawein Nov. 1-Dec. 20

Muhammad Ali Center

Shining a Light: (The) Many Faces of Homeless Women Through Nov. 10

PART Studio

Landforms: Architectural Photography, Neal Johnson Sept. 21-Oct. 24

Paul Paletti Gallery

Taradiddle, Charles Traub Sept. 20-Dec. 31

Periwinkle Interiors

Photography by Ben Bennett

Portland Museum

Magic Realism: Imagery by Mia Hanson Oct. 26-Nov. 30

Purdue University STEAM Gallery

Purdue Student Photography Show Oct. 3-Nov. 8

PYRO Gallery

Nature Shoots, Keith Auerbach and PYRO members Sept. 12-Oct. 15

Revelry Boutique-Gallery

The Vinum Project, Michelle McSwain, Vanessa Price Oct. 12-28

Rodgers Studio

Hasselblad Photography by Bill Rodgers

The Root

Across the Pond, Melissa Plush Sept. 20-Oct. 31

Finding Home, David Modica Sept. 20-Oct. 31

Sixth and Main Coffeehouse

Photos by Mari Murjica

Speed Art Museum

Gonzo: The Illustrated Guide to Hunter S. Thompson Through Nov. 10

St. Paul’s Episcopal, Kent Mansion Gallery

Cultivating Creativity, Kevin Schultz and former students Sept. 20-Oct. 31

Surface Noise

Street Studies: Photographs by Guy Dove and Elizabeth Reilly Oct. 11-Nov. 2

Swan Street Studio at Hope Mills

The Human Element: Sn Experiment in Our Bodies and Others, Marge Royston, Rebecca Rose, Tatiana Rathke Oct. 6-Nov. 8

Swanson Contemporary

Photography by Bill Carner

Unique Imaging Concepts

Photography by Scott Greenwell Sept. 20-Nov. 10

UofL, Cressman Center

Lensless Group Show Sept. 27-Oct. 26

UofL, Hite Art Institute

Lyric Documentary: the Works of Walker Evans Sept. 20-Nov. 1

Gentlemen’s Clubs, Zed Saeed Sept. 20-Nov. 1

Snap! Mobile Truck Gallery (various locations)

UofL Photo Archives, Ekstrom Library Gallery

Living the Cambodian Nightmare, Jay Mather Oct. 3-Dec. 16

UofL, Rowan Street Gallery

Morocco: Many Eyes, One Vision!, Rachid Tagoulla Oct. 4-Oct. 26

Wayside Expressions Gallery

Work and Play, Fred DiGiovanni