Tuesday Tracklist: MARINA, Madonna, Dirt Poor Robins, And More (3/21)

Mar 21, 2023 at 2:50 pm
Madonna. Photo via Madonna/Facebook

In this new weekly feature, a different LEO staff member will share 7-10 of the songs they’ve got on repeat right now. (Songs by Louisville artists are marked with an asterisk.) Got a track that you think we’d like? Let us know at [email protected] or at the author’s email below.

This week’s tracklist comes from intern Gracie Vanover.

Selena Gomez & The Scene — "Love You Like A Love Song"

Amidst all the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber internet drama, I found myself going back to Gomez’s early 2010s music. It brings back memories of my childhood and enjoying her hit show “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Oh, and yes, I’m Team Selena.

Melanie Martinez — "DEATH"

With Martinez’s new album dropping later this month, I dove right into this single when she dropped it. This upcoming album will cover the death of her musical character Crybaby and address her rebirth as a musician and the end of an era. If you’re someone with a heart bigger than your body, you may relate to this former “The Voice” contestant’s emotional lyrics.

Dirt Poor Robins — "It Tore Your Heart Out" *

This Louisville-native band has recently grasped my attention with their rock sound that I can’t seem to shake. The beat and lyrics were quite different for me given my normal preference for pop/indie. Nonetheless, after a few listens, they have definitely gained a new fan.

Yung Gravy, bbno$, Rich Brian — "C’est La Vie

If you’re looking for a good party song, look no further. This goofy and carefree song makes you want to sing along and dance a little, even if you’re not a dancer. It’s definitely one of the top-played songs in my car due to its catchy and fun rap lyrics… and because I love Yung Gravy.  

MARINA — "Man’s World"

Before we dive in here, just know this woman was my number one artist on Spotify last year. This song is a beautiful pop-like ballad about a woman who wishes she didn’t live in a man’s world, which I am sure many women can relate to with the demise of Roe v. Wade and other tragedies women in our society are facing. I cannot recommend Marina’s discography enough to anyone I interact with. 

Madonna — "Frozen"

After seeing "RuPaul’s Drag Race" queen Irene Dubois at Play Louisville in January, this song has been a constant in my head. This ballad is a beautiful (but also seductive) song that I hope doesn’t leave my on-repeat car playlist anytime soon.

GRLwood — "I’m Yer Dad" *

This Louisville-originating band actually popped onto my TikTok feed before I ever found their music. Because of their satirical lyrics about older men or dads oversexualizing women, this band has gained traction with over 125,000 TikTok videos using their song. This rock-style track has been used on videos made by influencers and even celebrities like Charlie Puth.

Glass Animals — "Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth"

I originally only started listening to Glass Animals because my fiance loved them. Well, that boy has good music taste. After seeing Glass Animals at the Louisville Palace last March, I have developed a real love for their “Dreamland” album (and previous ones as well). 

Starship — "Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now"

Okay, not going to lie, this is another song I love because of a drag show I went to at CC’s Kitchen. This song is such a classic '80s love song in my head and has such heartfelt lyrics. Everything from the verses to the bridge is so perfect from this Starships classic.

My Morning Jacket — "Rollin’ Back" *

Louisville’s own My Morning Jacket also has a song that’s been playing often while I do work. Whether working for LEO Weekly or school, this smooth and slow song makes its way into my queue. This seven-minute long song is definitely therapeutic to hear while stressing over papers, projects, or whatever else life throws at you.