Three concerts to ?catch this week

Jul 18, 2018 at 10:41 am
Julien Baker

Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus Headliners: Wednesday, July 18 Julien Baker’s melancholy folks songs are raw and introspective, chronicling personal struggles in a direct and relatable way. Her lyrics are striking, her instrumentation is spare and haunting, and, if you’re a fan of dark, honest singer-songwriters, she’s one of the best in the business. Lucy Dacus makes layered, evocative folk-rock that veers in a multitude of directions.

Murder By Death Lebowski Fest - Executive Strike & Spare: Friday, July 20 With ominous music that sounds like the score to a futuristic western, Murder By Death is part gritty roots music, part Nick Cave-like dark croon and part carefully-constructed depth. To my knowledge, their music has never been in a movie that was adapted from a Cormac McCarthy novel. Someone should probably eventually make that happen.

Snail Mail Zanzabar: Wednesday, July 25 Quickly becoming indie-rock royalty, Snail Mail plays versatile, clever mid-tempo rock that’s just the right amount of chaotic. Led by the cool and collected vocals of Lindsey Jordan, the band’s on-the-edge-of-adulthood sense of wonder and angst is captivating.