Record Review: Rmllw2llz — 'Concerto No. 9'

Jan 3, 2018 at 11:18 am
Every time Rmllw2llz releases something, it’s a little tighter, a little better. On Concerto No. 9, we are now at what might be an emcee in his absolute prime, crushing it with every verse, each spit with a fire that comes from experience and hunger. The production has a Wu Tang level of classiness to it, with that old school R&B swag that is so god-damned fly. Rmllw2llz toes a careful line here, creating party-ready hits that also have a lot to say. His greatest trick is managing both in a way that feels earned — one minute you’re bobbing to the beat, the next you’re contemplating the police state and racial inequities.