Q&A with Dane Waters

Nov 23, 2011 at 6:00 am
Q&A with Dane Waters

LEO: You sound, to me, like a mermaid — sexy, mysterious, removed from daily life. Are you real? Do you have to pay an LG&E bill and shop for groceries like the rest of us?

Dane Waters: I hope I’m very real! I do spend a lot of time trying to focus on the essence of life, whether it’s through reflecting on its meaning or why I’m here, finding ways to connect with others … but I think I’m more interested in transcendence. I can find something to love about absolutely everyone, even if it’s a small thing. I find beauty and art everywhere, from the scars to the stars. I don’t care much for grocery shopping, but I do eat lots of sea creatures and adore baby tako.

LEO: Your music is very cinematic, as in David Lynch, German Expressionism, etc. (not Tom Cruise). Does film inspire your music?

DW: Tom Cruise did a great job in Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”! But yes, film and, probably more so, opera are indelible influences. I totally dream about Lynch or Herzog asking me to do a song for one of their films! So if they were to ask me about these songs, I’d say they’d find failing heroes, extreme dynamics, murder, suicide, shadows, residuals of war, sharp contrasts, palpable atmospheres, soaring heights, abysmal depressions of steppenwolves, romance, forgiveness and just generally a whole lotta desire and death.

LEO: ??You made most of this album by yourself, but you collaborate often with others and have your own group, Softcheque. Why did you do much of this alone?

DW: It’s true. I’m musically connected to many groups from choirs to the opera chorus to gig bands that have jazz elements, and to bands Sapat and Another 7 Astronauts. I’ve also recently done vocal tracks for Wax Fang and Ut Gret. But I also need to produce music where every detail and nuance is my decision. I like the artistic control immensely. I’m even doing all the printing of the jackets myself with my own woodcuts.

LEO: Your new album is called Dark Waters. Do your friends call you “Dark”?

DW: I think most people know my light cheer and smile. Then there are the few that know me so much better.

Dane Waters and Another 7 Astronauts each play sets on Thanksgiving eve at Land of Tomorrow (LOT), 233 W. Broadway. Check www.facebook.com/#!/Another7Astronauts for more info.