My Morning Jacket: The Waterfall

May 20, 2015 at 3:44 pm
My Morning Jacket:  The Waterfall

(ATO Records)

My Morning Jacket is able to move in dozens of different directions, but can still keep their backbone, always sounding distinct — and that’s as obvious as ever on “The Waterfall.” Not that they’ve always been perfect. But the point is, that, when that perpetual exploration strikes, it’s gold. Whether it’s weirdo synth power pop that dips into the ’80s or picking an acoustic country-infused ballad, “The Waterfall” makes sense as a unit, forming a cohesive product, as it covers territory that’s new to them. Jim James’ reverb-fueled voice is all over the place, sounding as focused and enthusiastic as ever. It’s as ambitious as it is accessible. And it adds up to one of the strongest points in their discography.