Listen to Wax Fang’s dense, atmospheric new single “Pusher”

Feb 27, 2017 at 4:38 pm
Wax Fang
The second single off of Wax Fang’s forthcoming record Victory Laps (out May 5), “Pusher” is a dense, atmospheric and emotionally-driven piece of psychedelic-leaning rock that will burn strange and compelling keyboard lines and emphatic vocal hooks into your brain. There’s some of those stormy and unpredictable elements — that still manage to feel cool and calculated — left over from their space-opera concept adventure, 2014’s The Astronaut. But this song is as if that series of ideas was filtered through a Top-40 paradigm, resulting in a twisted and ominous experimental whirlwind that still manages to carry a sharp magnetism. Listen to “Pusher” below and preorder the album on MP3 or vinyl here.